Man Down!!

Oh the life of a parent (and a six year old little boy)! So we were heading out to help some good friends move, and I went to pick up Jimmy from his friend's house. His little friend opened the door just a crack. "Is Jimmy here?" "Yes, he's laying on the floor 'cause he's hurt." (I'm not worried. He often gets hurt or plays hurt.) "Can I see him?" "Yes," she answers and opens the door a little more. And then I knew, he wasn't crying he was CRYING.

I just knew.

You see I broke my arm when I was about 8 years old. I remember that feeling--that don't even touch it, or move it, or let the wind blow on it awful feeling. And I could tell.

And I remember when Kate broke her arm. Exactly the same.

So I took him home, picked up Brett and off to the ER we went because of course it's now 5:15 p.m.

We finally figured out what had happened. He was getting off the tramp and hit his bum or other arm on the tramp which caused him to fall backwards and land on his arm, which fractured his elbow.

He was a trooper and absolutely hilarious at the hospital. He thought it was cool. Weird child!!

At one point he asked me to hold his arm still so he could pick his nose. Then he told Brett not to sing and snore because we were in the hospital. And then he giggled when they wrapped his arm in the sling because he looked like a mummy. Yeah, he's pretty entertaining.

But the part that absolutely KILLED me was when they took the X-rays. The way he cried out as they tried to manipulate his arm. Deep pain. Sickening pain. And I cried. And his Dad cried. (You see going to the hospital will always be hard for us--there's no such thing as a simple emergency to us any more.)

We brought him home, as well as, his "bag bone" which is what he's calling his x-ray folder. And Monday we're supposed to follow up with an Orthopedic Surgeon. Please keep him in your prayers that he won't need surgery.

I really hope they cast him because school starts in about a week and you CANNOT ask a six year old to keep still and not bump his arm. Yeah right!!


  1. Prayers said that he won't need surgery. I feel sick inside for all of you, having to go through that. I think most people take good health for granted (I know that I tend to), so hearing you tell your story (how even a "simple" broken bone can take you back to what you experienced with your oldest son) makes me all that much more grateful for good health.

    And I was thinking (looking at the up-to-date photo of your youngest), I can't believe how big he looks now. I'm used to seeing him in photos on layouts that seem to be of him when he was a lot younger, and that photo you posted makes him seem so much older! And all of those adorable freckles on his nose! Too cute!

    Take care,


  2. Ahhh! Poor guy! And poor mom and dad! Sounds like he did better than you at the hospital. Hoping for a quick recovery for all of you!

  3. oh poor thing...but he does look mighy cute in the photo you posted!

    I hope you doesn't have to have surgery!

  4. Aww...poor little guy! Prayers going up for no surgery!!

  5. Oh poor little guy!! I'll pray that he has a speedy recovery! He's soooo CUTE in that photo!

  6. Lots of prayers he won't need surgery! OMGoodness he is getting so big!!

  7. OH NO!!!!!!!!!! He looks like a little trooper though - check out that smile :-). I am amazed that we haven't had that yet in our house, what with two crazy boys under 6 **gulp**.

    Hope it is getting a little easier for him. Wouldn't you know this kind of thing NEVER happens at the START of the summer hols!!!

  8. ugh - poor little dude! How sad is that - he sure sounds like a trooper though. That is the reason my dh will now allow us to get a tramp - i also fractured my back on a tramp when i was 13. Not good. Hope he heals up quick!!


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