First Day Jitters

For both her and ME!! Yesterday was the open house. I'm happy with the school, the teachers, and the fact that although she doesn't seem to have many classes with friends she DOES have lunch with them. Whew!! It freaks me out how grown-up she looks. In the last month, we've discovered the curling iron and make-up. I feel so old!

The little man starts tomorrow and we meet his teacher today. He's much more calm about it all. Kate and I tend to get nervous about new things. I think they are going to have a great year (I sure hope so)!

Working away this morning--big surprise. Playing with my latest goodies from Little Yellow Bicycle. Created a Autumn card set with the Autumn Bliss line. You can see the items for purchase here.

And then even though their Halloween items haven't yet shipped, I actually have them. Hee, hee. Rude, huh?!! So I thought I'd make a Halloween set as well. Here you go:

And then here is an Autumn Bliss layout. Can't believe the change in the weather here lately. Finally cooling to the low 80's. Makes a huge difference. Of course it's supposed to be in the high 90's on Saturday when we are doing our sprinkling system. Naturally!! :(

Now I'm off to bathe my very dirty little munchkin and finish up laundry for the week. Does it ever stop? Sheesh!! LOL!


  1. OH, man, she is soooo pretty!! Must get it from her mama! :) Lovely page and cards--you're getting me into the fall mood!! (OH, and I've been gone so I never saw the broken arm post--OUCH! Poor thing! Hope he's doing better now!)

  2. Ok. STOP now REWIND. When did Miss Katelyn start looking SO GROWN UP???? Have I just aged 10 years without me knowing it?? YIKERS Jen, you need to get a lock on your front door and have all the family rehearsed with the same answer, "No, Katelyn is NOT going out tonight she is washing her hair". LOL. She is a real beauty.

    Good luck to both her and your little man as they start another school year. Ours don't start back until the 31st and my baby starts montessori on the 2nd. Not sure how I am going to handle that day - I've got mixed feelings :-(

  3. She looks so pretty! Great clothes!! Jen, you are fabulous at picking out adorable clothes! I am so excited for her. Good Luck Katelyn!


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