Do You Have Ugly Days?

I'm having one today. I call days "ugly" when I've just gotten caught up in the day and my hair is kind of a wreck, make-up never made it to my face, I'm wearing my least favorite clothes because there is only this or dirty laundry. So today I confess is an "ugly".

And do you know what I HATE about "ugly days?" When I still have to venture out into the world. And do you what I REALLY HATE about "ugly days." When someone I know recognizes me and then TALKS TO ME!! Darn it!! (As if my ugly disguise would hide me from the world.)

Serves me right for going out without putting on my face and detangling my hair. But ARG!! :(

And no!! This post is NOT going to have a photo. Nice try, though.


  1. yeah I've had some of those myself - and I always tell my hubby - figures I would have run in to so and so lol :)

  2. Yeah - it's even worse when you haven't seen the person in quite a while, and the person says something like "You always look the same - you never change." Argh! Don't tell me that I ALWAYS look like this!!!


  3. I had one myself today!


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