A Digi Layout and Punches I can't Live Without!!

I KNOW that you have tools in your scrapbook supplies that you just can't live without. I certainly do. I thought I'd share some of my favorite punches that I regularly use.

The first are circle punches. I have them in the following sizes:






And I have the following border punches:

Binder Hole Edge Punch (but I have the Stampin' Up version)

Upper Crest Border Punch

(To see the supplies used in the digital layout check it out here at 2Peas.)


  1. How cute is that layout!!!! I'm just beginning to play with digital. My attempts are rather...ugh.... Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  2. Love that layout! Love the cute subject ;-).

    As for the punches **rubbing your shoulder** I know, I know, I understand, it's a sickness. Now if you just sit down and rest, I'll get you..........THE BIGGEST BAR OF CHOCOLATE I CAN FIND :-)


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