Dealing with Grief

I wanted to share a new blog that I strongly want to support. Amanda Probst started a beautiful blog to support those of us who have lost loved ones. It is a challenge blog that encourages us to share our memories and thoughts of our loved one (and our grief) through scrapbooking. As many of us have people we have lost, I thought I'd share the link here: Good Grief Blog.


  1. What a wonderful blog, and what a wonderful idea the blog owner has for helping others (and herself) deal with grief and loss.

    Thanks for sharing the link, Jen.


  2. I just clicked on the blog. What a powerful message it sends out. For me, it says - Never Forgotten, Always Loved. I read some of the sidebar where people are listed along with their loved ones who have passed and along with feeling their grief, I found that with every breath I took, I became a little less burdened with the grief I have in my heart.

    Thank you Jen for posting this link. I will bookmark it now.

    Ali x

  3. Jen,
    Thank you so much for the blog link. What a wonderful concept. I look forward to reading everyone's stories and perhaps sharing my own. What a safe place to share our grief. Thank you!


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