Let's All RUNAWAY!!

Because I made my boy feel like this (for asking him not to make a mess) . . .

I had a little runaway (sitting in the middle of our cul-de-sac), and I had to make one of these:

Which led to this:

Which made him feel:

Which means I have my little boy again! ;) Happy Day!

(I think we might be dealing with strep for the 3rd time. Poor thing is running a fever, and VERY emotional.)


  1. Awwwwwww, you're a good mom, it's great that you make treats for him like that. I hope he won't get strep throat again, poor thing.

  2. sounds soooo very familiar!! ;)
    You're an AWESOME mama!

  3. Oh now that is funny!!! I can't remember the amount of times that I said I was going to run away. Never got further than a friends house though and NEVER got offered a little bag of goodies for my trip :-(. You are such a sweet Mom. I don't blame him being emotional if he is getting strep. I am prone to strep and HATE it!

  4. You are so sweet. He is too. Has he had his tonsils out? If not i think i would be yanking those babies out!! Just a suggestion (:


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