Good Morning!!

What are you up to today? Me? We're getting dirt delivered for our very own weed patch, which is our yard. We are finally conquering the yard after two years of living her. Landscaping is so darn expensive. Whoever made up the phrase "dirt cheap" has never paid for dirt before. YIKES!!

Speaking of gardening--the 2Peas Garden went up today. Here is one of mine based on the theme of "fashion." I have a leather skirt that I've had since the late 90's. Yep. I still have it. I loved that skirt. No I'm not a biker chick--well, actually I am since I'm on the Little Yellow Bicyle team; but I bought it when it was hot to where leather with blouses and such. I felt so pretty. LOL! Now I'm keeping it because it will make an AWESOME Halloween outfit someday--not for me since I can no longer fit into it, but maybe for my daughter. At the very least, it's a great conversation piece.

You can see all the supplies for this layout here.

Some other projects that I just loved in the Garden:

* This calming layout from Wendy Bretz.

* This playful layout from Kelli Crowe (I wanna babysit her fun kids).

* This awesome digi layout from Caroline Ikej.

On another note, have you checked out the Hero Arts Blog this week? They are making some awesome new changes and have lots of prizes to give away. BIG prizes!! Make sure you check them out!!


  1. Just saying Hi! Love your blog!

  2. How come everything you make is so perfect and awesome? I meant to say when I saw you in the office on Thursday, I love your hair!! So long and pretty :)

  3. I hope you're feeling better girl!!(hugs) If I lived close, I'd bring you some soup and a good magazine! We're putting in a backyard too--such a pain in the patootie. Brandon and I swear we will only buy houses with a backyard from now on!! haha


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