Excuse Me While I Lay Down and DIE!!

I'm so stinkin tired. Sheesh!! CHA wipes me out every time. I think I've got all my ducks in a row and am on top of my deadlines, but I always forget to factor in real life. But I just shipped off my Little Yellow Bicycle goodies to arrive in Orlando, FL. Now I NEED a nap.

Last night I just couldn't sleep. Thoughts of mini albums, layouts, and cards kept dancing through my head. And then the husband's snoring crescendo reached new heights so I gave up the bed and headed downstairs to the couch to sleep. But at 3:30 a.m. I was still awake. Suddenly I hear the patter of the littlest feet, and "I'm hungry" from my 6 year old's mouth. So after a dose of allergy meds for all the sniffling and sneezing and bowl of cereal (in the dark) to quell the hunger pains, I was back on the couch trying to sleep. I must have finally fallen asleep sometime after 4 a.m. But of course my built-in internal alarm clock had me up by 8:30--that's totally sleeping in for me. I'm so TIRED!!! (I'm going to say that a lot in this post. LOL!)

If I could just turn off life for a few hours and sleep, I will be SO HAPPY!! We'll see, though, as my kids never need me until I'm either in the "facilities" or napping. It's ridiculous I tell you.

Before I hit the sack, I thought I share some LYB projects. I'm just going to load these puppies up and let you look without much talking--too tired!

And now I'm going to bed. Don't call me. Don't e-mail me. Don't knock on my door. I will NOT answer. ;) ZZZZzzzzzz!


  1. OMG, that is funny! Shall I just run around to yours Jen and we can have a chat??? No? Hmmm Ok. Not too sure if I can get an immediate flight from Dublin to Utah right this sec anyway :-(. Need to get the dinner and bath the kids ;-).

    NOW GET SOME SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nighty night :-)

  2. Super projects :D Hope you got the needed rest you needed - lol

  3. Still sleeping??? ;)

    Hope you're rested by now.
    Love your LYB projects!! Totally love that stuff!!

  4. Beautiful projects! Hope you get some sleep!

  5. LOL, love this post! Too cute. Awesome cards as usual!


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