Workin' on That!

Where have I been? Well, yesterday I was sick! :( My allergies sometimes make me so congested that it makes me dizzy--like room spinning without stopping for hours and hours, and then that makes me queasy and sometimes even lose my lunch. Yesterday, thankfully, it was just queasiness and dizziness all day long. But I'm feeling MUCH better today!!

Other than that, I've been hard at work on CHA projects. Just wait!! You're going to be so happy.

I was able to help work on some of the Little Yellow Bicycle catalog. I'm drooling. Seriously!! Every release seems to get better and better. Fun new stuff, beautiful lines. You will NEED IT ALL!! LOL!

And then I got to play around with Karen Foster Design's new release. Some very cool new altered items showing up from them this year. Have you seen their Countdown Calendar? It's awesome and so is the new stuff. And that's not even mentioning the fun new seasonal line releases I worked with. I love CHA. I really new to pad up my pocketbook in preparation.

I also worked on some stuff for Scrapbook Trends, and I got to see an entire magazine's worth of layouts before print. You guys are AMAZING!! Intimidating and inspiring all at once. I am completely impressed with people's ideas. WHOA!!

Because I can't share ANY of the stuff I was working on (at least yet). I'll share some other things.

The first is a card I made for Cards Magazine. Just a "home improvement/new home" tag. Love the little embellishments Karen Foster makes. So fun to play with!

And here is a layout from the May "Stories to Tell" article for Scrapbook Trends. The article was on perspective, and I wrote the journaling similar to the book "Where the Wild Things Are." Did you see they are making the book into a movie? Love movies based on books!!

And then if you blinked, you missed the "Stamping" idea book from Scrapbook Trends. I'm not sure I even got a copy it sold out so fast. You can still download it from the website, but here is one creation from that book to whet your appetite:

Oh, and one little confession piece of advice: When working on a REALLY BIG deadline, do NOT restart the Twilight series!! (What was I thinking? I've read them all in five days. Good grief! I have no self-control.) LOL!

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  1. oooooh SO BEAUTIFUL!
    I'm totally in love with the layout! I LOVE the text work!!! SO cool!
    The pictures are super fun too!
    Love your style, did I already say that? :)
    The card are perfect too!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a good day.


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