Are you having a good Friday? I was up at 6 a.m. and finished up 9 cards since then. Totally enjoying myself. It's overcast today and looks like rain but you never know. Kids are doing chores. Jimmy seems much better today but complains that his nose is "running and running like crazy." And it is poor thing. No sign of the fever today, though. Sweet!! Just busy enough to get a teensy bit on my nerves. But MUCH better than him feeling so yucky.

I challenged myself to play with a color that I struggle with: PINK!

I don't know what it is about that color, but it's really hard for me to work with. Do you have a color that's difficult for you?

Anyhoo, here was my first attempt. You can purchase some of the supplies here at 2Peas.

This one turned out to be my favorite. Seems a bit vintage. You can purchase some of the supplies here at 2Peas as well.

And I had to share my favorite color of stamping ink right now. "Sahara Sand" from Stampin' Up. Robyn Werlich brought it to a Stampin' Up class that she did for me, and I've loved it ever since. It looks awesome on oatmeal cardstock. Sometimes it looks tan and sometimes it looks khaki. It's a MUST HAVE ink color for sure. Robyn can hook you up if you're interested. :)

Here's a photo of it (note how dirty it is already):

On another note, I will be hosting a class next week at 2Peas for a mini album. Check the Education forum Monday morning for the class, pdf, and the sample. :) I'm really excited as this is my first class with them. And even better??? It's FREE!!


  1. Beautiful card!

  2. Great cards, and I can't wait for the class, sounds exciting!

  3. ohhhhh ... i LOVE that second card!


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