Happy Memorial Day!

I'm still in my pj's. Just relaxing. The dh is still asleep and so is the daughter. Of course, my son has already completed his chores, found a few bugs, and headed off to play at his friend's house. He's my early riser. :)

Hoping to scrapbook today. Working on projects for 2Peas and Little Yellow Bicycle, and some fun other stuff.

Brett decorated Joey's gravesite on Saturday, and I haven't had a chance to see it yet. I will head over today. It's a hard place for me to be, and I've said it before but I feel him less there than any other place. Still I want to see the little Clone Trooper that stands guard each day. And I love seeing the little figurines and toys other people leave for Joey. How sweet that so many people remember and honor his memory. I'm so grateful for them!!

One thing I'm working on that's loads of fun is as one of the writers for the new Scrapbook Trends Magazine blog. Look for upcoming giveaways and fun things. I've already filmed one "class" for the website, and we're looking to do more. (The class has yet to be released.) Filming is NOT my favorite thing, but I am up for the challenge. LOL!

Wanted to share the current call for my article: "Make Me Laugh." Use journaling to tell or show me something funny. Can't wait to see what you come up with. The submission information can all be found at the blog!

Hope you have a wonderful day. I'll leave you with a QVC project about my youngest to celebrate this tender day!


  1. Happy Memorial Day to you Jen...
    And a big hug....

    I'm looking forward to your class and shares over at the blog!!!

  2. Did I already say how I love your work? :)
    Happy Memorial Day to you.

    I have a question about St submission, did they ask for unseen layouts?

  3. Thinking of you my sweet friend.
    Love ya!

  4. happy memorial day to you jen! i actually have a layout in mind for that "make us laugh" call ... i have the photos out right now, in fact. off to check out the new ST blog!


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