Good Morning, Sunshine!!

Seriously. We have sunshine here. Yes, there is still snow hiding in the shady corners of my yard, but I passed a temperature guage and it said 67 degrees. Yeah, baby. Spring really does exist!! I pulled out my flip flops yesterday (and promptly noticed that my toes need to be repainted). I'm still chilled in the 60's, though. Is anyone else? I notice that I'll have a jacket on when everyone else is walking around in t-shirts. You would think the extra poundage I have on right now would contribute to a warmer heat index for me but no. Hmmm. Strange!!

I totally forgot that the 2Peas mid-month garden went up on Sunday. Sundays are long and crazy around here. I thought I'd post my layouts and links today then.

The first was a project for the "Sewing" theme. I'm finding myself loving sewing right now. Makes me want to make something--curtains, pillows, cute crafty things. I need some sewing lessons, however, as my Junior High sewing class was a few years ago. ;)

Then I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the other GG's work. They are my inspiration for sure!!

* I loved, loved, loved this one by Robyn. She rocks my world every time. Did you know she's teaching a monthly class in the Education Forum? Awesome new layout each month.

* And then Miss Kelly Purkey is just too darn cute. I'm not sure it would matter what she puts on a page (and she makes GORGEOUS layouts), but with her cute photos it's always a great project.

* And Jen McGuire is the Queen of Cards (as is Kristina Werner) and I thought these little snorkle cards were too cute not to point out.

On another note, are you contributing to Scrapbook Trends calls (or Cards, or Handmade, or Beads)? I'm noticing a lot of new names in my submissions. Coolio!! I love seeing new people in the publishing world.

ST is currently working on their regular issues and a Holiday Issue. Got something cool to contribute? Check out this!! (That link has all their current calls.)

My upcoming call is for "Use texture to convey the emotion and make sure the emphasis is on the journaling." Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Well, off to finish up a big deadling for QVC. I kept dreaming of different packages I was opening and panicking over how I was going to use the product. I think I need a break. LOL!


  1. Good Morning Back!! ;D

  2. i'm always cold ... even when it's in the 60's or 70's here. i'm always bundled up in blankets ... and my kids are running around in shorts. lol!
    loved your project for the garden ... wish i knew how to sew on my projects!

  3. So glad spring is finally coming! I even have tulips trying to peek up their little green leaves out of the ground. Yea.


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