Back to Reality!

I love a good break as much as the next person, but there is something very nice about coming back home after a trip. :) I missed the kids so it was great to be back with them.

Vegas was a great getaway. Hate the "yuck" factor on the strip, but I was able to get some shots of the Effiel Tower and see the Bellagio Gardens, which were Asian themed this time--very pretty. Ate at the Luxor "MORE" buffet--yummy.

But I loved, loved, loved my first NASCAR race. Talk about a ton of wrecks. Kyle Busch was out within the first 4-8 laps. Poor guy. But he went on to win on Sunday, and since that's his home town that's even more cool. It was noisy and fun and I'm ready for more. My husband also loved it so we'll be back for sure!!

While I was gone the Garden went up at 2Peas. The theme for this month was "Stitching". I focused on hand stitching and adding elements with stitching. This one adds elements:

Here's the one with the handstitching (the bird paper is a digital kit available at 2Peas):

And then my "New Product Focus" was using the new Making Memories Easter line. I especially love the patterns on the back of the paper. Lovely!! And those paperclip butterflies (I removed the paperclips on mine) are gorgeous.

So did I miss anything while I was gone? I didn't check my computer the whole time, and I feel totally out of the loop. LOL!


  1. Hey Jen,

    Welcome back to 'normality'!!!! Vegas really is something, isn't it? When I was there I thought there were more crazies that anywhere else I had ever been, lol. Hope you had some good R&R. Love those layouts. Must check in on the garden.........

  2. Welcome back girlie! Sounds like you guys had a blast in Vegas (I'll be in Vegas in about 3 weeks...just can't wait)

    Love your new creations in the garden!!!

  3. Really fun layouts - they each have such cute accents.


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