All Day Fun Day!!

So instead of a birthday party for my son this year I promised him that we could take one friend and do a day of fun. He was NOT happy about the plan, but he agreed to give it a try and chose to take his cousin Wyatt with us. We tried and tried to discuss possible plans for his outing, but he would get overwhelmed an upset any time we tried to chat. So I asked him if he preferred to have it be a surprise and he did.

So . . .

We started by picking up cousin Wyatt and Aunt Heather and heading up to Jungle Jim's. What a cool place!! Indoor rides. I'm not talking Chuck-e-cheese token rides. I'm talking about a roller coaster, the swings, a real merry-go-round, space ships that went up and down, and bumper cars to name a few. I also invested in many, many tokens so we could all play some of the other games. So we had a lovely two hour adventure which ended with each of them turning in their tickets for the typicaly cheapy prizes.

Next was a trip to Chick-fil-a and their indoor playplace. Of course, Jimmy ate no chicken nuggets--not a fan. But he was content with their delicious waffle fries and lots of sweaty playtime.

Round 3 was a trip to a city park where Aunt Heather produced a lovely gift bag of outdoor toys: bubbles, bowling, and badmitton. An hour or so of that and we were off to grandma's house for a very well received package of LEGOS, which he is playing with non-stop.

Our return home involved a sleepover with big sister in the family room with too much candy, a very long night, and several movies of his choice.

He seemed very content and happy; and I'm glad. We're all worn out today but that means we really did have a good time.


  1. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Dang girl, will you come to SAV and take me on a fun day? It sounds like you know what yer doin'. ;)

  2. That sound like tons of fun. I will have to take Ollie there. He'd love it! Happy Birthday Jimmy!!!

  3. Wow woman! Busy day! Just one of those with kids is enough to wipe me out. You're such an awesome mom!


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