Trying to Feel Better with Some Sneak Peeks

I still feel "off" and yucky. Talked to my doctor finally last night so hopefully I can start feeling better sooner rather than later.

I thought trying to do some "normal" things would help. LOL! So here are some sneak peeks from Little Yellow Bicycle and Karen Foster Design.
The first is a frame using the LYB "Traveler" line. I am so in love with this line. Rich colors, gorgeous patterns, and the entire line is just amazing!! (see that above)

The second is a layout using the Zinnia line. Glittered items, spring colors, and darling designs. Another great release from LYB!

Now to switch gears and do some Karen Foster Design peeks. This is the Spring line from KF. Here are a couple of samples using this cute line. A card.

And a layout:

I may have a few LYB items to giveaway in the next little while so stay tuned. Just need to organize some things first (and feel better). Have a great week! :)


  1. Very fun projects, Jen! I especially love the frame at the top of this post. I hope you're feeling better soon! :o)

  2. Sandy T11:00 AM

    I love the frame of Katelyn, it shows how beautiful she is getting. Not hard when you look at good looking her dad is, ooops I mean mom. Feel better Jen!

  3. More gorgeous work, Jen. I love to see it but I am more worried about you :-(. Not been feeling to great myself recently. Hope you are on a better road now you have spoken with your doctor. Thinking of you, Girl.

  4. Anonymous7:01 PM

    cute projects... that frame is just awesome! love the paper :)

  5. Your projects are DARLING! I just love the frame!

  6. Sherri P eh7:47 AM

    Sorry to read that you're still not feeling well. Seems to be a lot of that going around, in both the grown ups and kiddies. You're still creating beautifully though! Feel better soon.

  7. Hi Jennifer,
    Your creations are so lovely! I was wondering whether you could email me please at in regards to your Little Yellow Bicycle layout please. Many thanks,


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