Project 365 Buzz!

Have you heard all the buzz about the CK KOTM Project 365 where you can take a photo a day and do more basic journaling and then have an entire year of photos? It's a pretty awesome concept.

But I have to confess that the whole idea, freaks me out! I do not have the time, will power, or presence of mind to take a photo every day and then be organized enough to print it out and complete an album. It stresses me out to even think about it. LOL! So kudos to those of you that do it. I truly wish I had a photo for every day--except of course for my "bad mother" days. ;)

Apparently the actual CK kit is hard to get a hold of it not already sold out. Go Becky! (She always knows exactly what the people want in their kits.)

But I wanted to share that 2Peas has TONS of digi kits that will help you do some very similar things, and I thought I'd share one of them here.

I thought the one pictured above was just gorgeous. And something someone like me could actually accomplish. I take multiple photos in the month but not one every day so this is a perfect kit for me. You can check it out here.

How about this one from "The Queen of Quirk". Also a great 365 type of project. (You can check it out here.)

Or even this cool one as well:

There are so many options for both digi and hybrid and they are much more up my alley. Just wanted to share them with my blog buddies. :)


  1. I did a photo-a-day last year, and jotted down notes everyday, too(well - I still have a few notes to jot down towards the end of the year, but I will get them down!), but I haven't yet scrapped my album. I wasn't sure how I was going to do it for most of the year, but I finally decided (in December) to scrap 7 photos/page (with journalling for each day), for a total of 26 pages (front and back).

    This year I am continuing on with my photo-a-day, but I am going to scrap the photos differently this year. I am going to do mini-albums for each month (using my CS scraps and stuff I have on hand). I am still doing the journalling and photos to go with it, but I wanted to do something a little different for 2009.

    Who knows - for 2010 I might do a "theme" each month, or an "altered journal" or....who knows what!

    It's totally cool, though, to have a daily record for each day of the year. And there were so many great photos that I got (that I wouldn't have had otherwise), and moments that I would have forgotten if I hadn't written down (and documented) them.


  2. I am not going to attempt Project 365 although I do love the last example you showed us. I spend most of my day chasing my tail. I don't want to be tied to being so dedicated to one thing.

    Just one thing - I DON'T BELIEVE FOR A SINGLE SECOND THAT YOU HAVE BAD MOTHER DAYS. You are way too hard on yourself, Jen. Bad hairday, I might understand. Bad Mother day - NEVER :-)



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