Crazy Good Shopping and Cropping

Did you hear about the American Crafts sale? Oh my goodness!! Seriously!! Thickers for $1, Albums for next to nothing, cardstock, etc. It was supposed to end last Saturday, but apparently they have extended it. I may have to go back. I know my sis wants some things sent up to Alaska.

Now Pebbles is having a warehouse sale (and Quickutz had one last weekend as well). 'Tis the season for major savings I suppose. ;) I'm being very good. I hate bringing home a bunch of stuff that I won't use. Takes up too much room in my office.

And on another note. It looks like I am going cropping at Archiver's tonight. Step 1 in the b-day plan. ;) I need to get everything ready so I can be productive. I hate sitting at a crop and just moving stuff around. Waste of money and time. I have some LYB cards/layouts I'd like to complete and maybe some other projects. If I can get them to the halfway point, then I'll have plenty to work on.

Thanks again for the b-day suggestions. It's supposed to snow and be all yucky, but I'm hoping to have lunch with friends and then dinner and a movie with the husband. We'll do my cake: a jello, cool whip, vanilla pudding concoction on Sunday. YUMMY! ;)


  1. have fun at your crop ... hope you get lots done! no one asks me to crops anymore ... they know i can't get anything done away from my own home. lol!

    and you should see all the thickers i came home with ... they're all still sitting out waiting for a home! lol!

  2. Enjoy your crop time. Just wanted to wish you a wonderful birthday for today :-), It's 1.20am here in Dublin on the 13th, I'm so far ahead of myself, I'm dizzy, LOL.

    Hugs from Ireland xoxo

  3. Sherri P eh12:21 PM

    Happy Birthday celebration!!

  4. Hope you got a lot of stuff done at the crop...and more importantly ENJOYED working on stuff.
    Happy Birthday!


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