Can you believe it? It's so weird to me that it's already November. Where did the summer and fall go? Thankfully we've had the most beautiful fall weather in Utah this year. In fact, we didn't even need jackets on Halloween night it was so warm. That NEVER happens here.

So what are your plans this month? I need to set aside some cash-ola to hit the Black Friday sales. I rarely get more than 1-2 things, but I love getting up early and getting a good deal and since I'm rarely getting what everyone else wants then I'm not typically fighting any crowds. I haven't seen any leaked Black Friday ads so I'm not sure what I'll be out looking for, but I'm hoping for some good deals for the hubby. He's the hardest to shop for.

I talked to my Mom yesterday about plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now that we're back with family we have to plan which house we're going to for each holiday. I think we'll go to Brett's parents for Thanksgiving and I'll host Christmas. Now that the kids are getting older I like to stay at home rather than go out. Hopefully that will work for everyone, and if not we'll catch the day after those holidays.

I wanted to include at least one project with this post. I always like looking at a photo when I'm blog hopping. LOL!

Here's a layout I did for this month's garden at 2Peas:

I am addicted to those American Crafts circle things. Seriously! Love those puppies. The theme was family this month, and I wanted to document some of the basic things we do as individuals each month. I know that our routines will change as the kids grow older so I wanted to remember. :) You can see this at 2Peas here.

Oh, and save Thursday Night at 8 p.m. CST for a 2Peas class/chat with Erica Hernandez. I'm the teacher's pet for her class, and she's doing a fun holiday project. Hope you guys will pop in and say "hi!" :)


  1. Jen! That layout is so cute!

    I'm not sure if I'll be doing Black Friday sales or not. It's Maddi'14th birthday that day. Egads...when did this happen!

    Hey - you won my "Laying it on the line challenge". Check out my blog and let me know what you want me to do!

  2. Ohhh! Love those black Friday sales! I've got to find that mad cash stash for Friday!

    Love your LO!!

  3. Saw this on twopeas! Love it! I need to start using my flair too!


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