Whoooo Scored on Some Good Deals Today?

I did! Robert's Crafts was having a 75% off all Halloween and Fall items. This little guy came home for $2. I got some fabric crows for $1.50. I also grabbed some fake pumpkins, fake green pears, a cornucopia, and a Haunted House tealight holder. Love little things that make photo shoots more fun. :) I didn't grab anything big. I just don't enjoy putting up huge displays for holidays any more. Fun to put up, fun to enjoy, a pain to take down. :(

Are you ready for Halloween? Yes and no for me. (If I would stop eating all the candy, that might help. LOL!)

Here's a St. Patrick's Day card that didn't get picked up. I think the little leprechaun is rather cute, don't ya think?

Well, better get back to work. A couple of looming deadlines, and I'm trying hard to stay ahead of the game.


  1. what a cute card! eat more candy on my behalf!

  2. Poor lil leprechuan- what's wrong with those card mags?!!! He's adorable. And I have to say that Roberts was one of my favorite things about Utah (Aside from meeting all you Utah gals. of course!)

  3. HOW did that cute card not get picked up??

  4. Sounds like some great deals, that card is adorable!!


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