What's Your Talent?

I know I posted yesterday, but that was a boring entry. ;)

Came across this layout published in the August Issue of Scrapbook Trends. Kara Henry's theme was talents. My daughter took the above photo of my youngest holding a lego artwork she had created. I loved the photo composition (she thought it was weird that I liked his cut-off head), and I really wanted to document her amazing artistic talent--even with Legos.

So that got me thinking? What is your talent? Tell me a unique thing you can do or an accomplishment you're proud of.

Hmmm. Let me think. Something I'm uniquely good at. I used to be able to sight read nearly any piece of music. I can't memorize to save my life, but if I hear a piece and then see the music I could play it. Now that I don't play as much it's getting harder. The hands don't keep up with the eyes any more. I guess I need to thank my Mom for all those years of piano lessons that I whined and moaned about. (And Katie, see you will thank me one day for making you do the same thing.) ;)

Oh, and I'm a fast reader. Unless I really love a book, I don't read every word. I read down the middle of the page looking for themes and ideas. Weird, but it got me through high school and college and I still retain much of what I've read--unless it's a long-ish battle scene and then it doesn't click--BORING!!

Speaking of reading--have you read "An Ordinary Man"? Life-changing book. A little violent, but necessarily so. His words are so powerful!

K, so I'm waiting to hear your talents?


  1. Ummm...I like to think I'm good at scrapbooking?! LOL!

  2. You read like my dad did... guess that's how he got through 2-3 hard back books a week!

    I can't think of any talents right now. Guess I'm not exciting!

  3. Sherri P eh9:51 PM

    I too can't think of any unique talents I have. I swallow bubble gum and chewing gum and it doesn't stay in my tummy for 7 years. Oh wait, that was just something my Mom told me in the hopes that I wouldn't swallow my gum! Didn't work!

  4. okay so besides scrapbooking, I do photography and cake decorating!! I like to dabble in a lot of fun crafty things--really makes me feel good to create something out of nothing, no matter what the medium is!

  5. I am not very talented when it comes to anything crafty, including scrapbooking. However, I used to sing and dance. I still sing some, but the only dancing I get in these days is during my Jazzercise class and at home with my kids looking on (thinking I'm weird, I'm sure).


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