Just an October Day

Yep, that's what it looks like today except that the sky is a much darker shade of blue. Gorgeous. I took this one sitting in the car waiting for Jimmy to get out of school. I shot above the cars in the parking lot so it cut off a bit of the trees. This is one thing I LOVE about living in Utah--beautiful leaves. :)

Not much going on here--survived my daughter's 12th birthday slumber party last week--six girls stayed the night. They graciously fell asleep by 12:30 p.m. I am quite happy about that. They were all very nice. We had a Masquerade Party theme and they could wear a costume or a dress. We served a 3 course meal, and Jimmy served as both Butler and Waiter. Too cute I tell you! Then we played lots and lots of games and then watched a movie. I was more exhausted than the girls. Kate proceeded to take a 6 hour nap on her actual birthday--bless her heart! I knew she would.

Working a bit. Finished up my article for the February ST issue. Ran a few errands. Trying to figure out what we're doing for Family Home Evening tonight. Maybe we should go over and visit my Mom. It's her b-day too this month, but she hasn't been feeling too well. :( And my Dad gets home from California in a few hours. I've missed them both a lot!

Nothing creative to show you. Working with a new line from Little Yellow Bicycle--so stinkin' cute!! And I think I'll be seeing some new lines from Karen Foster in the next bit. I love that!!

What are you up to these days?


  1. I've been to Utah in the Fall and I agree with you it is SO BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see you next projects :)

  2. So far today, I've delivered my three oldest kids to two different schools, folded a load of towels, loaded the dishwasher, given the cat a fresh bowl of water, and changed the very wet diaper of my youngest. Now I'm headed upstairs to my scrap room to create. To breathe! I love, love, love your blog! I hope that you have a wonderful happy day! Oh! My blog can be found at www.jeannesspace.caroline1996.blogspot.com. I know, crazy-long name!!

  3. happy belated birthday to your girl! my oldest just had her 12th birthday a few weeks ago ... complete with a slumber party. unfortunately, they all stayed up until almost 3:00am! nearly killed me! lol!

  4. The beautiful colours and the changing leaves are one of my favourite things about Autumn, too, Jen. We just went out on the weekend on a hike and I took lots of Fall photos. I usually miss out on getting pictures, but this year I made it my mission to get some!


  5. I've been aching to go hiking and get some fall pictures.

    Happy belated birthday Katelyn! I can't believe you're 12.

    I still miss your whole family. I'm so glad I got to rub shoulders with you while you lived here.

  6. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Oh girl, congrats on surviving the slumber party...I dread those things! Luckily I've managed to dodge having one for a couple of months but E has asked to have one for Halloween...argh. I guess it'll depend on the report card coming home today (not lookin' forward to this one.)

  7. Hey there sweetie! Just stopping by to say HI... hope you're doing ok! Congrats on your 2peas toot! I'm so excited.. WOW!! That spot definitely BELONGS to YOU!!!!!! I'm not surprised at all! Have fun with your assignments!!! And love that gorgeous fall picture! XOXO


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