Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Working, Working, Working

Ok, so I'm trying these great suggestion.

I ate some chocolate (priorities, priorities).

I cleaned my office (but you wouldn't be able to tell if you looked at it right now).

I put away the "uggo" items and pulled out things I loved.

I turned on some tunes (Journey's latest CD--and yes, the concert ROCKED).

I visited inspiring websites (although, I did get a little intimidated--Jamie).

And guess what? I did one layout yesterday and 2 today, and I wasn't particularly in love with the product I was using but I love the layouts. Only 40+ more items to go in the next three weeks: "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can."
(NOTE: The layout posted above is not one of the ones I completed, but rather one published by Scrapbook's, Etc. I used Inque Boutique stamps all over that puppy.)

You guys are so awesome!

Keep those suggestions coming. I really need to give away some stuff. ;) (My husband will completely agree with that comment. LOL!)


  1. Cute blog Jen! I really love the Christmas countdown box- I must have one! It's been interesting today learning more about you and your family and seeing the experiences you have had the last couple years. I see you in a new light. Hope your having a good day and I will keep checking back- it's so cute.

  2. oh, that layout is darling!! chocolate is top on my list too hehe! I have a hard time with motivation too--if you find some- send it my way!!

  3. Whenever I get stuck I find one product that i LOVE and just make myself use that. If I can just get STARTED then I'm okay...I'm in that group of folks that need to be inspired to scrap. Good luck!


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