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So you want to be published? :) Now that I have the monthly article to write, I thought I would post the monthly call from Scrapbook Trends on my blog. I always thought it would be great to know exactly what the editors wanted to see so I thought I'd give you a heads up on the things that I look for when I'm selecting layouts for the article.

First: I'm looking for journaling. The article is about journaling after all. LOL! Sometimes something long and lengthy will catch my eye. Or sometimes it's something short and sweet and directly to the point that fits the bill. I definitely look to see if the journaling fits the specific call, though.

Second: I like a great design. I tend towards clean design. But what I mean by that is if your style is graphic, I like graphic. If your style is more eclectic, then I like a good clean eclectic page (one where items look carefully placed and not just all over the layout). Whatever your style, I don't like it when it distracts from the photos. (Photos and journaling should go hand in hand.)

Third: Photos should support the journaling and design. Now not every layout needs a photo, especially when we're dealing with journaling. But if you have a photo on your layout it either needs to be a good photo or one that tells a story. Because if it's a bad, blurry, dark photo and it doesn't really tell me anything about the story, I probably won't choose it.

Now I don't want links to your layouts. That's not how we do things. Just PUH-LEASE send your work to Scrapbook Trends via their submission e-mail. From there, I get sent a batch of layouts that fit my call. And then I select 2-3 from there. (And if you have a question about the call, then please send it to ST. It wouldn't be right to answer those kind of questions here in my blog.)

If you have general publishing questions for any magazine, then I can answer them here, but for ST I need to follow protocol. :)

Please START SUBMITTING!! Seriously! I don't bite (well not much). Take a chance. You might be exactly what me or another editor is looking for!

And one more hint: when you send your submission e-mail, include your supply list and journaling and contact information. It makes it WAY more easy to write the article if I know your name and what you were thinking when you created the layout.

All right . . . go forth. Create. And then submit! I'd love to publish your work!

Here's the current calls for Scrapbook Trends (note: one is due Friday):

January Stories To Tell: Numbers - We're surrounded by numbers, from our age, the date we got married, our address, etc. Show us how you incorporate numbers in your layouts, whether it's the number of photos, a significant date, or the number of children you have, and make sure the emphasis is on journaling! (Due: August 15)

February Stories To Tell: Constant Cravings - What can't you live without right now? Is it the latest gorgeous patterned paper, or time with a trusted friend? Tell us about what you're craving these days. Make sure the emphasis is on journaling and you might find it's your layout we're craving! (Due: September 5)


  1. Thanks for the heads up Jen! I sent my most recent fave or two your way. Here's hoping they make it to you to check out!

  2. Thanks for the tips. It is great to hear more specifics on what the writers are looking for.

  3. How fun, I didn't know you were ding an artice for them.. congrats! I think I actually sent one for that call too, lol. :0)

  4. thanks for the heads up jen! i'm a very regular submitter to ST ... although the journaling one always seems to be the one i don't have a layout that fits. lol!


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