Hearts in My Eyes for You!!

What a fun experience to see CKU from the inside! I've been to one (CKU-Orlando) before as a demonstrator at the inspiration tables for Li'l Davis Designs. But this was my first one where I got to teach. I loved that!

CKU students are so eager to learn and so kind and grateful. I was so much fun to hear their excitement over Little Yellow Bicycle's latest and past releases. Thank you everyone for making us feel so welcome!

I got to meet Heather Stanworth, the new owner of Pageframes. She is awesome and donated lots of goodies for prizes. The Frightful album everyone made was darling!! A lot of people had not worked with rub-ons or acrylic albums before. It was fun to see them catch the vision and get excited about trying new things. The Pageframe album really made the Halloween stuff stand out. So much fun!! :)
There were several very cool students who introduced themselves as blog readers. Waving hello to them! One great person even asked me how I was doing since the passing of Joey. That meant a great deal--that in the middle of all that fun--someone would want to know how I was doing.
Over the weekend I got my Scrapbook Trends boxes for June, July, and August. Inside the August issue is my first article. They made it look so nice!! It's so fun (and scary) to read it in print. :) I am so loving writing. It's my first love--that's for sure.
The layout at the top of this post was for a past ST. Jimmy loves Teen Titans and loves that Beast Boy always shows his love for pretty girls with big cartoon hearts in his eyes. So for the longest time, Jimmy would come at me with these half-crossed eyes and tell me that he had "hearts in his eyes" for me. I absolutely loved it, and I'm glad I got this photo of him doing it because he doesn't any more. :( Another reason to be grateful for scrapbooking, right?!!
Anyway, that's how I feel about my scrapbooking friends. You guys make it so great. There's something about meeting other women that "get it!" Thanks for that!


  1. Jennifer,

    You have so much experience in the industry. I'm barely starting out and want to submit some pages. I would love any suggestions you could give me.

    Thanks, Malia

  2. Hi Jen. I need your e-mail so i can invite you to view my blog. Thanks

  3. Hi Jen!

    It was so awesome to meet you last week at CKU! Honestly...I felt like I already knew you the minute I talked to you! Isn't that a crazy feeling? That halloween album was SO fun to complete...I am going to have to dress up my dogs again and add photos to it!

    Could you email me when you get a chance...I have a couple questions for you! Thanks sweetie!
    jnllawson @ bresnan.net. (Sorry...you get spam if you type it altogether!)

    ~Lea Lawson

  4. Jennifer,

    That is one of the sweetest pages I've ever seen! I love that you captured such an awesome moment. The picture is priceless! Thanks for sharing it with all of us :)

  5. Jimmmy is always so adorable! Hope you're having a good day!


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