Feeling Sick!!
Well, I thoroughly enjoyed my shopping trip this weekend: we went, we shopped, and we conquered. It was my 11 year old dd that thoroughly scored, however. I found four tops, but that was it for me. When did outlet prices match regular store prices? Good grief! I'm not driving all the way up to Park City only to pay what I could pay at Old Navy locally. Sheesh! (One fun note: we saw Barry Bostwich at a deli in down town Park City. Funny!!)

In the middle of the night, Saturday, I came down with either a case of food poisoning or the flu. It knocked me out! After all the sick part of it, I literally slept the whole day. I'd wake up, sip some water or Sprite and then turn over and fall back to sleep almost immediately. Yesterday I felt weak and exhausted but I couldn't sleep (I wonder why--LOL!) Today I just feel groggy. I lost three pounds so hopefully it's just my body trying to get back to normal because I have loads to do this week.

For a fun peek, here are the "Love Letters" projects I created for the Little Yellow Bicycle booth at CHA.

The first is a journal:

The second are a batch of cards:

This is a door hanger that you could fill with flowers or candy:

And the last thing is my favorite--a candy box for someone that you love. :)

I just received more of the "Frightful" and "Christmas Magic" lines in the mail, and all glittered and flocked they are even more gorgeous--and HUGE lines. How fun is that? :)

NOTE: If you are interested in that design team opening, I HIGHLY suggest that you make sure you have an online gallery and a resume. Every single team that I work for has requested both. I don't have a resume posted online anymore since ScrapSubmit doesn't exist, but I keep an updated one on my personal computer. It contains my publication history, my scrapbook work history, and awards I have received that relate to the industry. (Also, I need an e-mail address for the DT Lead to contact you when the position comes open so please send that to me as well --it can be through e-mail for privacy purposes.)


  1. Holy Cow! I just read through your resume and I don't feel worthy to even be leaving you a message. I have seen you name all over the scrap world and you are amazing & your resume just keeps going on & on & on... Wow now I think you are even more amazing! I am going to PM you on CX and give you my info for that design team.
    Thanks, Chrissy

  2. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Oops! I didn't leave my email - it's mitzi at ccrtc dot com. I love that door hanger!

  3. Beautiful beautiful projects!

    I'm so sorry you were sick, my dd had some weird 24 hour fever yesterday where she slept all day, but she's right as rain now.

    Go figure. ;)

  4. your projects are beautiful! sorry to hear you were sick friend.

  5. I normally just lurk on your blog ;) love your work thou...you can contact me thru my blog...I'd love to hear more about that DT Position - thanks :)

  6. Hi Jen!

    Your projects are fabulous! I fell in love with all the new lines from LYB while I was at CHA a couple of weeks ago. Adorable stuff! I sent a link to my resume already to Lori but would love to give it to you so you can forward it to Renee. You can find my resume at http://lisadorsey.wordpress.com/ and my e-mail address is gdorsey@indy.rr.com. Thanks! :)

  7. Hello Jennifer,

    I'm David Siufanua's wife Malia. Very cute site & projects! Where do you ever find the time? I'm also writing because we're looking for your's and Tomi Ann's address. We have entered into a home makeover contest and desperately need votes. Here's our house blog:
    and our family blog:


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