In a Rut!

Yeah, I'm totally in a downswing right now. March was crazy, and I find that sometimes after a hard month of just pushing through, I tend to crash. Yesterday I crashed. Unmotivated, tired, feeling yucky. I just couldn't bring myself to do anything productive. I really hate that!

But what I hate even more is when I feel like the kids needed me, and I wasn't there for them. Jimmy was a wild man yesterday and I know it's because he didn't get all of the attention that he needed. And poor Katelyn is sometimes left to fend for herself a bit on long days. (She's so responsible and does so well at completing her chores.)

So today I made myself get up at 5:30 a.m. But I'm so tired that I'm not really awake enough to work and be creative (I'd really love to work every morning for a few hours before the kids wake up, but I'm totally out of the habit.) So I did some uploading of projects and answered emails: things that didn't require my brain to be completely awake. (I'm still not quite awake--it's 6:45 a.m. now.)

I did get the opportunity to crop with some girls from the Creativexpress website. Funny girls. I was totally braindead though and found myself making the most ridiculous comments. Too tired to keep my mouth shut I suppose. I get a little silly when I'm tired. :( Sorry, ladies. LOL!

I did rock five projects while I was there and that's a big deal for me. I've got my office organized so well now that I don't know how to work when I'm away from home. :) I was very organized in my packing this time and took projects that I knew down the stamp that went with what paper so that I could work away. I couldn't believe it when 11 p.m. rolled around. I'm usually tucked into bed around 9:30 p.m. Woohoo! Made my $15 crop payment totally worth it (especially since we got dinner).

Here are two of the cards I completed for my Deja Views assignments. The first one uses the red Alphablocks tablet and the Little Ones "Boy" tablet. Love it when products work so well together.

This second one uses the Freshprint "Pear" tablet. Those tablets contain enough paper and embellishments to create tons of projects. I've had mine for probably almost a year now, and it's not even half gone. Love that! :)

Ok maybe now that I've done my morning web surf, I am awake enough to actually get some things done. Here I come loads of laundry, stacks of dishes, and needy children! ;) Have a good one!


  1. Hope you're having a better day today Jen---I understand how you feel---so glad you had a bit of time to yourself to play with the girls---your cards are just darling as usual!

  2. Love your cards Jen. You do such amazing work. I hope you always take a little time for yourself every day. It is important when you are a mom.

  3. Hi Jen - cute cards! You always do such amazing work!! And everyone is entitled a day to take it easy now and then. You get more done in a day than most do! Now if I could only make myself get up at 5:30 so I could get more done.... I need your willpower!


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