A Lighter Post

I'm sorry about the heavy post last time. I think as Joey's birthday and date of passing draw near I am feeling more and more emotional. I know that I haven't completed the grieving process completely, but I am working through my feelings. And sis, I'm sorry that you read my post on a day when you were already feeling emotional. You need to warn me so I can WARN YOU!! ;)

I'm doing pretty well today. Got a bit of a cold. I'm such a wimp when it comes to being sick. I just don't have the time to take off and be sick. LOL! Just want to rest and never can. I'm starting to realize that I may have sleep issues too. Does anyone else wake up about every hour (fully awake), do a toss and turn and then settle back in? What is wrong with me? (short list please, LOL!)

I just received some new Deja Views goodies in the mail yesterday. I wasn't expecting them either. I didn't even know about this new release, and it just makes me so VERY happy. It's called "Global Views" and has the most delicious papers, chipboard accents, journaling tags, gems, charms, paper lace (which I'm in LOVE with), and the list goes on. I feel so spoiled. It's all gorgeous.

You can't help but feel creative when things like this arrive on your doorstep. :) Here a few creations with the new goodies.

A layout for my youngest sis:

And two cards:

Perhaps you will feel inspired to travel (I've definitely got the bug on this beautiful, sunny day). :)


  1. those are so cute! Way cool papers.. think i might have to snatch some! :)

  2. Oh I love the whole 'warn me so I can warn you' thing...you're frickin' hilarious! ;)
    As far as the sleep thing goes, I sometimes do the same thing. Do you take a vitamin? I swear that the vitamin I take makes me not sleep...like it's got too much good stuff in it for me to calm down. Do I sound crazy? Ya know...don't answer that. But that's all I've got for ya sister, good luck!

  3. You are funny. You don't need to warn us. It's good to get it out. I love the new papers and the cards are so adorable. Have a great Easter

  4. Your projects are wonderful Jen!! I love them!

    Have a blessed Easter weekend,

  5. Happy Easter girly! ;)


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