Valentine Projects on Nth Degree!

We were honored to spotlight three projects from our CX DT. Let me tell you what a talented bunch of people that we work with. Seriously!! I am just blown away every time I see them start uploading their projects into our gallery. AMAZING talent!! If we could have spotlighted every project from our February assignments, believe me I would have. These gals have so much to teach me personally. I love them all! :) You can watch the episode here: Valentine Nth Degree.

On another note, are you watching QVC today? ;)

My sister calls me from Alaska to chat about photos of my kids. It's fun to talk over the phone with her while we're watching. "Now where were you guys in that picture?" "When did you go there?" We don't get to see each other very often so it's fun to connect as scrapbookers across the miles.

And as a tribute to Valentine's Day here are some projects that I love:

The "Unconditional" layout was for the CK Idea Annual. Boy, I miss that publication. I looked forward to it every year. I hope they reconsider publishing it. :)

This layout was also in one of the CK publications. I was going through a pink and brown phase. :) For the left side of this layout, I glued pearl beads inside every white polka dot. I love the texture and dimension that it adds. I did the same thing for the flower centers. I know CK just released a QVC pack of gems/pearls/etc. that would be AWESOME for a project like this! I believe it's going on today's show.


  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Yes, I'm watching qvc today.. on and off.. Only for ideas of course. I can't afford to add to my collection at this time. During one of the episodes I heard them say it was cold and rainy.. I'm so happy its sunny and 70 here in Savannah today. I seen the latest nth episode and LOVED IT !! Can't wait to use the vinyl. Thanks Alisa

  2. So....last night, I am laying in my bed and saw QVC was doing CK w/ LisaB. So, I turned it on. And about 3 minutes later, my husband was making fun of me because I was oooh-ing and ahhh-ing. And all of a sudden, I said, "Wow! That's my friend, Jen!"


    So, nice to see your smiling face, even if it was just on TV!!

    And I'm loving you on the Nth Degree! Good job you're doing! And even though I bought a Silhouette from I want the Cricut Expression!!! It just looks so E.A.S.Y.!!!!!


  3. Well, you tell him that I AM YOUR FRIEND!! ;) Thanks for the sweet comments, girls. :)

  4. hey Jen- It was great seeing some of your work on the little bit I caught of the QVC shows the other day! AND, you are doing such a geat job on the Nth degree. I am so proud of you and so glad that I got to know you when you were here. Watching your "shows" makes me really miss you! Take care.



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