A Break in the Weather

Awww, finally!! I can actually see the grass upon the ground. (Ok, not at my house as we still have dirt; but I really can see grass in other people's yards.) It does a body good. Seriously! I'm totally affected by sunlight and weather. One of the first things I do every day as soon as I'm decent is open the blinds. I want every bit of light to creep into my bedroom and illuminate my morning. It probably helps explain why I'm such a morning person; although, even I don't consider 3 and 4 a.m. as "morning." (Why do I wake up every day at that time? Of course, I force myself to go back to sleep because good grief that's just waaaaaay too early.)

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods? My sister is in Alaska and they have perpetual rain and darker weather. I don't know how she does it. And she shuttles her kids back and forth to every activity under the sun (ok under the clouds). She amazes me!! (Yes, you sis!)

I've been trying to take it easy from scrapbooking; although, I do something almost every day. January was CRAZY! I kid you not, with CHA and QVC and general assignments I was swamped. Still, nothing like insane deadlines to get the mind creating. LOL!

Here's a layout and some cards that I created for http://www.creativexpress.com/. We have a monthly assignment, but sometimes filming runs late and I don't get to post things as early as the other girls. They are a great team and I'm always inspired by their work. Plus they are as nice as nice can be. It's such a great community. Here's the layout and cards:

Anything else you've got going on? Sometimes (ok, often and almost always) I use a publication deadline to help jumpstart a layout I've wanted to create. Maybe it's a unique perspective on a common theme, or maybe it's a journaling driven layout that's been running around in my head. I've always been assignment driven since I was old enough to get a gold star, a grade, or a smiley face on my papers. I like deadlines, finish lines, and visual rewards. Now if only I could get some recognition for the laundry I folded today. I would totally feel fulfilled. ;)


  1. Hey Jen: here's a gold star for folding the laundry. ;) I'm exactly like that, too (deadline-driven). And if I already did it, I write it down on my list anyway, just so I can cross it off!

  2. Those are fabulous girl! As always..... :)
    Man - i can't help but notice how good you all look! What a cutie patootie family. miss ya like crazy!

  3. Great work Jen!! I'm sending some southern sunshine your way!
    We are so lucky to have a unique and friendly community at CX! You can't help but love all the girls there!!


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