A Kit I Can Really Appreciate

I was completely honored when Loni Stevens invited me to play with the latest KOTM from CK Media. It was designed by Ali Edwards, and she did a fabulous job. The kit comes in a darling hat box and contains more goodies than you will ever know what to do with.

But what made this kit extra special to me was that it was about facing hardships. When they asked me to do the mini album, I knew that I wanted to journal some basic things about Joey. There is still so much to say about him and the dignity with which he faced his cancer. I grew so much during his illness as I watched him cope with more pain and more trials than I am capable of understanding or imaginging. I really cannot do justice to the kind of child he was and the way he fought his cancer. But this little album allowed me to try. What I've realized is that I have a lot more to say and I needed a jumping off point to begin.

You can purchase this kit on the CK Website or follow this link: http://www.creatingkeepsakes.com/shop/item.ihtml?idx=675

NOTE: The kit actually comes with an accordion fold mini album (circular in shape), but I wanted to photograph it like this before assembling the full album.


  1. Each time I read your blog you inspire me... You help me remember the value of simple daily moments and not to take anything for granted. I believe this is a gift Joey has left all of us! Thank you for helping me always keep life in perspective. I am so sorry for this deep loss! I appreciate so much your sharing your thoughts with us!

  2. This is an amazing album! What a great tribute. Wonderful use of the product!


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