Feeling Fine

Just feeling happy this morning. Ever wake up and feel good before you're really and truly awake? I feel that way this morning. I hope the day continues that way. I'm hoping for a productive, peaceful Saturday. I want to clean, bake (yeah miracle for me), and scrap. Just a fine fall afternoon.

So in honor of my happy feelings, I'll post projects that make me feel happy:

This card just came together, and I love the textures on it. I wish every project just worked itself out. LOL!

This one made me happy because I'm a wee bit "pink challenged." But this one worked for me. Definitely made me happy.

Originally I had planned on placing a large photo in this frame, but once I saw the little square sentiment I knew I wanted more of an "artsy" feel to it. Trying something different makes me happy.
I am so happy that I have this hobby/job to keep me creative. Being creative makes me VERY happy. What makes you happy?


  1. Jen, eating Chocolate makes me sooo very happy. I should be a very happy person since I eat it constantly!? All My Love, Emily

  2. Wooow.. these cards are so beautiful Jen!! They definitely make me smile too!!! Sending you biiiig hugs! Nancy

  3. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Hey, no fair using the word 'wee'!! You big fat copycat!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    Btw, can you please come to Savannah and make my cards for my upcoming card swap?? They're due next Sat and I'm HATING it!! :)

    Wuv wooo....

  4. Jen-

    You are so incredibly talented! I love your work so much.

    Big hugs,

  5. I love them all....you're very talented and I esp. love the first one. I miss scrappin' and making cards. I really need to start getting ideas for Christmas cards and making up my mind if I'm going to make them this year or buy Hallmark cards. LOL So busy with Basketball starting Monday night. Hope you're having a great weekend.

  6. That Best Wishes card is beautiful!


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