Who's Behind the Camera?

As I gather photos of Joey and try to create layouts, I've noticed something. There aren't many photos of me with my son. That makes me sad. I just feel so much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of the camera. But now as I look through our events, day-to-day happenings, and memories I wish that I had more of he and I.

Here are a few that I have been in:

If you are the one always taking the photos, let go of the camera. Teach one of your children to take pictures, explain depth of field to your hubby, or purchase a tripod (I got one at Walmart for $15). Then challenge yourself to be IN the photo not just taking it. Set aside a "Self-Portrait Sunday" or something that makes you include those photos.

What kinds of memories do you want to leave your children? Are you the chef, the library lady, the diaper duty person, the kiss it better mama? Some memories are better on film!

So I suppose that's my challenge for myself and anyone else that reads this blog. Get in front of the camera!


  1. Love both pictures and i too am not always in the pictures, more the one taking them. I do tend to make pictures of myself with one of the kids beside me and they turn out great I think, but you only see our heads, all the time, lol. thanks for sharing these with us!


  2. He looks so happy in that bottom picture and you both have the same wonderful smile! Thanks for sharing these and for the reminder. I'm guilty of this too :D

  3. so true indeed... I always seem to forget that even if I don't want my pic taken, my kids will cherish those one day as well.... and children see us different then I tend to see myself...
    such beautiful pics of you two though.. bet you will cherish those!
    Thanks for the challenge and I will work on this more!


  4. Great idea! I often just turn the camera on myself ... hold it at arm's length, snap, and see what I get. ha. Some of them are sooo funny.
    Beautiful scrap book pages. I'm glad your visit to the cemetery was nice. Cool of Joey to send his pals to cheer you up. I hope you are settling in and meeting new friends. I wish you well.

  5. I have entire vacations that look like I wasn't there. And, I have so few pictures of my mom at all, I've have trouble coming up with enough from her entire life for an album for my dd and her other grandkids. Thanks for the important reminder to get in front of the camera now and then.

  6. Thanks so much for the reminder. Life is too fleeting for us to be always behind the scenes.

  7. I need to take this challenge to heart. So many times we take a trip and I am not in a single photo - I might as well have not even been there. Thanks for the needed inspiration!!

  8. What beautiful pictures of the two of you.

    Add me to the never in the picture club! I always complain about not having very many pictures of me and my son. I'm going to take on your challenge and hand over the camera to someone else!

    Hope you are doing well!

  9. jen, you are so right about this. i need to stop worrying about what i look like in photos and accept your challenge. i have very few photos of my beloved granmother because she was photo-phobic--and i'm turning into her.


  10. love those pics Jen! great words of advice... i made sure to take pics of me with my kids today.

    Wish we were near you so we could get Jimmy and Kayleb together.... aawww- such cute boys. Kayleb is still asking for him :(

  11. Normally we don't go for the big $ birthday and Christmas presents. But this year so far we have purchased digital cameras for our 9-year-old and 22-year-old sons and our 13-year-old daughter. Especially after reading your post today, I am feeling it was money well spent. Not only are they having a ball learning to take photographs, but I am finding that now my husband and I are showing up in more photos. We just returned from a family vacation at the beach. My camera had 362 pictures on it--about 6 had me in them. Then I looked at the kids' pictures and saw that they had gotten me in quite a few more! Proof that I was on the vacation, proof that the kids and I have fun together, and sometimes proof that when we look at each other, our love for each other is written all over our faces. Thanks for the reminder, Jen!

  12. Such a good reminder - I've gotten to where I MAKE my husband take my pic with our son.

    I also saw your LO in the July Scrapbooks etc abotu Joey such a great LO. Thanks for sharing.


  13. THAT is a good challenge Jen! You're right! There is very little of "me" in the albums...kids and hubby - you bet! Me...not so much...

    I accept your challenge...I just need to trust DH or the kids with my over priced camera - LOL!



  14. Jen, I recently started reading your blog and have been very touched by your story. I am guilty of not being in front of the camera too. I will make a better effort to get in the pics with my girls. It really is a great challenge! Thank you so much for reminding us how important it is!

  15. I know totally what you mean, Jen. I am hardly ever in pics at all. With or without children. So, I started doing Self-Portrait Tuesday on my blog about a month or so ago. I hope to continue getting pics of me for my kids.....and trying to remember to get in there with my kids on photo opportunities.

    Thanks for the reminder....

    And I love the pics of you and Joey!



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