This Creative Outlet!

Isn't is amazing that we have this wonderful outlet for our creativity? I love making something beautiful, having control over its outcome, just feeling the textures and seeing the colors, and then writing something from my heart. It seriously makes me happy, and I'm so grateful to have that, especially now. More than ever I am enjoying the process.

This layout was created for two beautiful girls in Savannah, GA. Jamie is the store owner of Savannah Scrapbooking and became a wonderful friend to me. Don't you just love having a place to go where everybody knows your name? (Total "Cheers" reference.) But seriously, it was my place to get away; and I have so many fond memories of that place. I haven't found that again, and I miss that. Kristine is the other gorgeous (crazy) blonde in the photos. She is equally wonderful and the mother of one of my son's friends. They have the ability to make you laugh! (Can you tell?) On a coolness note: This layout was chosed by one of my most favorite designers (Jennifer McGuire) for the 2Peas National Scrapbook Day as a user feature. Can't tell you how happy that made me!! I admire her work so much.

This layout was created using a bunch of Deja Views products. I absolutely LOVE their pet lines, but we don't have pets. Katelyn just has too many allergies, and her mother just isn't ready to take on that kind of responsibility again. My little nephew is an absolute doll!!
What's fun about these Deja Views' tablets are the amount of cool products to work with. The brackets, letters, flower, and bucklet border all came from the same tablet.

And finally, an assignment that I received from Li'l Davis, using their Rockstar line and an ad provided for inspiration. Converted the layout to black and white since the colors were so bright. I didn't want it to distract from the rest of the layout.


  1. these all look great!


  2. I love your layouts, Jen. You do such nice work. It was great to see you in Roberts a few months ago. My daughter knew your son from school, and I didn't know that until I saw the tribute to him in the yearbook! Email me sometime!

    Calli Saltmarsh

  3. gorgeous Jen... love that last one... the design should be on a cover... hope you get to submit it.. but so glad you have found some time to truly is a wonderful pasttime to have!
    Thanks for sharing these with us!


  4. Beautiful job, Jen, as usual!!

    Of course, my favorite is the first one because I know the two *rockstars* in the picture!!! And I love and miss them, too!

    Super work!


  5. You are so amazingly talented! It is no wonder you were chosen :).
    (I still want Lily to marry Jimmy - he is such a doll!!)


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