Where Women Create: Behind the Scenes

I felt so blessed to be a part of the "Where Women Create" May Issue. I thought you might want a peek at what takes place behind the scenes during the photo shoot portion of this opportunity. It was an exciting experience for both Katelyn (my daughter) and I.

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Magazine Shoot: Behind the Scenes

The photographer schedules a day and time to come and take the photos. Katelyn and I coordinated our outfits so we both looked good together but also looked good in our space. We actually took a few test photos against the yellow/tan walls in our craft space so we could see how we looked together before the photographer even got there.

She and I also cleaned the entire space and staged everything so it would look good on film. Having had my old craft room photographed for another publication, I had some sense of what they would want to see.

When the photographer got there, he took several photos of the space without us. Then he took some of me. Then some of Katelyn. And then finally he took some of us together.

It all took a couple of hours to get exactly what he wanted.

Then once the photos were done, we got to pick the ones we'd most like featured in the magazine. Then he edited the photos for the publication.

I really liked how hands-on the entire process was. I want to thank all the people that I worked with at the "Where Women Create" headquarters as they answered questions, made us both look good, and featured a space where both Katelyn and I LOVE creating together.

This publication is full of great ideas for setting up your creative space and features women who come from all creative walks of life. What an amazing opportunity to be a part of this publication!

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