Ikea UNG DRILL Watercolored Frame

I'm always looking for a great piece of art to dress up my walls. And I like to mix it up from wall to wall so my house doesn't feel stagnant. To keep this interesting in my kitchen, I used the Ung Drill frame from Ikea and a special marbelized watercolor piece to add a touch of blue to the space.

Ikea Ung Drill Watercolor Frame by Jen Gallacher. #ikea #ungdrill #watercolor

Last year before Christmas, my dad took me to Ikea and said, "Pick something out for yourself for Christmas." Now that is what every girl wants to hear. He knows me well. After thinking hard about something special I could get my house, I asked him for the Ung Drill frame. I just knew I could make something amazing with it.

(source: IKEA)

And then it sat in my house for almost a year. I pinned all kinds of photos of the frame on Pinterest. But I couldn't think exactly what I wanted to put in the frame. And then I discovered this amazing print on Pinterest. I LOVED it. And since I have two amazing artists in the house I figured at least one of them could paint something similar for me.

So I purchased a 18 x 24 sized watercolor pad, which you can purchase HERE and asked my sweet husband to watercolor me a similar picture. He obliged (good man). We then used the paper oval within the frame as a template to cut out the painted piece and place it in the frame.

I then hung some plates I purchased from HomeGoods that have little sea-inspired icons and words on them and hung them on my wall with plate hangers from Michaels.

Ikea Ung Drill Watercolor Frame by Jen Gallacher. #ikea #ungdrill #watercolor

To finish off the space, I added a Hemnes shoe drawer (in white) from Ikea and plants and other items. This blank wall became a showstopper just by using watercolors in my favorite shades of blue. I can easily switch this out as often as I would like.

Ikea Ung Drill Watercolor Frame by Jen Gallacher. #ikea #ungdrill #watercolor

Want to see how it looks within my kitchen? You can read this article HERE about how I set up my nautical kitchen tablescape.

How to Style a Coastal Kitchen Table from www.jengallacher.com. #coastalstyle #tabelscape #nauticalstyle

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