A Little About Prayer and When God Answers Yes and Sometimes No

I am a firm believer in prayer. I frequently pray to my Heavenly Father in gratitude for a blessing, to ask for assistance with something, or just to talk. I have an ongoing dialogue with Him in my mind as I go about my day. I know He loves me and he has answered my prayers many times.

Sometimes God Says "Yes" to My Prayers

When I was moving into my neighborhood in our previous home, I needed friends. I was going through the illness and death of my son, and I needed some women who I could count on to help me get through it and find joy again. So I prayed and prayed that I would have friends. The Lord blessed me in spades, and I was given the most amazing group of friends. In fact, my entire church congregation became my friends and still continue to this day to be there for me, hug me, love and support me even though we no longer live in the neighborhood.

During that same time, the Lord put a particular burden on us that concerned me. He invited my husband to serve in the Bishopric which consists of a group of men that for a period of about 5 years help to make sure the congregation's needs are cared for. We were still in the midst of dealing with the death of our son, and my husband was broken and hurting. I was beyond worried about the burden this calling carries. But the Lord said "yes" this was something He wanted for my husband. And I realized why very quickly. Brett served with the most amazing men during this time. They taught him to laugh again. They became his friends. They uplifted one another and helped one another. And even after we all moved in different directions, they were the best of friends. Anytime Brett returned from an activity with these guys, he was a happier man.

Sometimes God Says "No" To My Prayers

The biggest "No" I have ever received was when I asked that my son be healed from cancer. I wanted this so badly for Joey. I knew Joey was a good kid, and I was doing my best; but still God said, "No" and took my young son home to heaven with Him. While I was devastated and still miss my son every day, knowing that the Lord and Heavenly Father love me  helps me to understand that they love my son too. That my son returning home early was actually a beautiful gift. And while my prayers were not answered in the way that I wanted, Heavenly Father also blessed our family with many miracles to help sustain us when the answer was "no."

This morning, I heard the terrible news that one of Brett's incredible friends passed away from a heart attack. The moment I heard the news I broke down bawling. This good man had been a true and good friend to my husband and to me. He had been in our home month after month as a "Home Teacher" with a spiritual message and more often than not an entire evening of laughs. I am in shock and worried for his beautiful and incredible wife and their amazing children. Today the Lord's answer was "no." But I am hoping He chooses to allow all of this man's friends to step in and help this family.

I know that when the answer is "no" there are other ways he blesses us. I pray today that we may lift Katie's burdens. That she will feel the love of her Heavenly Father. That we may become His hands to support her. That her children know we are thinking of them, love them, and are all here for them. May Katie know Jed is near her and feel his love for her (because he is crazy about her).

Today has been a difficult day, and I know that is has been beyond devastating for my friend's family. I hope today Heavenly Father uplifts and sustains them through this difficult time.


  1. Lord my God is with me day after day, my prayers are acomulando, and the answer does not come, I have faith and hope God has something bigger and better for me. I do not have your lucky to have people to help me, but I have one person that God has lent me for some time, I hope to be hit by that person ... I know the will of God is good, perfect and pleasing .

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you friends family. It is very easy to believe in God when he answers our prayers. It is a true test of faith when the answer to our prayers is no. It is something I think about almost every day.


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