Beckett's and Lana's Battle

There is something so painfully helpless about watching your child suffer and be sick. As their parent you feel you should have some power or control over making things better for them. But that isn't always the case, and sometimes your child faces things you can't fix. Such is the case for two beautiful little children.

Beckett's Battle

Meet Beckett. This little man was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia within weeks of being born. This disease causes the liver to malfunction causing cirrhosis. There is no cure for this disease. Instead these little ones are placed on liver transplant lists in the hopes that they can lead healthy lives after receiving a new liver. If they do not receive a liver, the consequences can be devastating.

Beckett is my cousin's little boy. He has two older sisters who adore him. Beckett is in desperate need of a liver. His parents take him regularly to the hospital which means babysitters for the girls, hospital bills, doctor bills, and costs to travel back and forth and live at the hospital while he's undergoing treatment.

Help Beckett:

But you can help! Here are a few ways you can help support this family and they prepare their little son to receive a transplant:

Donate to Beckett's "Go Fund Me" page HERE.
Purchase a #loveyabeckett t-shirt HERE.
Read more of Beckett's story HERE.
If you are local you can attend this special auction to help raise funds for their family:

Lana's Need

Meet Lana. Lana was born to my friend Janell while we were living in our past neighborhood. Much like her older brothers she was tiny and sweet and cute as can be. And just like Beckett within weeks, the doctors realized that something was wrong. Lana has also been diagnosed with Biliary Atresia. Two children in the same state with the same health issues? It completely breaks my heart. Lana is getting very sick. She is also on the liver donation list as her health is deteriorating as each day passes.

Help Lana:
Lana and her family also are in need of help. Here's how you can help little Lana:

Donate to her YouCaring liver treatment page HERE.
Read more of her story HERE.
Become an organ donor so little ones like this have a chance to LIVE!

Both of these beautiful children are fighting for a chance to be healthy and live. Let's see what we can do to lift the burden from their parents' shoulders. Please keep them in your prayers and share their stories with others. I KNOW we can make a difference!

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