CHA Prep: Secrets Revealed

I have worked in the paper crafting industry since 1997. That's a whole lot of papers, stickers, embellishments and more. And for many of those years I've been involved in some capacity with helping manufacturers prepare for the Craft and Hobby Association Tradeshow. Mostly that has meant creating sample projects for their booth. On occasion it has meant traveling to the show and helping sell products within the booth. Whatever it has meant, it has always been an exciting time in my industry.

This year as I helped Echo Park Paper and Carta Bella Paper prepare to go to the show it involved several new duties including:

* Helping to select over 100 NEW "Designer Products"
* Looking over every sticker, paper, and embellishment for any spelling issues
* Writing text for the catalog
* Editing the final catalog, order form, and digital files
* Preparing the website with the new products
* Testing products as they roll into our warehouse
* Designing projects for both the booth and marketing
* Photographing the projects for the catalog and marketing
* Coordinating a marketing plan for the new products

Sometimes I feel like I'm all over the place and can't think straight. I jump from one project to the next and then back again.

But all through that time, I'm also so excited as I think about the big reveal starting in early January. After months and months of preparation, it's a very cool feeling to be a part of something this amazing. I feel super blessed to have the job that I do and to work with the people that I do.

This year, I'm traveling with the two companies to the show so that we can demonstrate some of our new "Designer Products." If you're attending the show, be sure to stop by our booth so you can play along. With over 600 new SKUs of products, we have a lot to share.

Here's a tiny peek at some of the items we've been working on. Watch for a full reveal on our website and blog the first day of the show.


  1. Congratulations! You have been busy busy busy! Love the sneak peek and look forward to seeing it all!!


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