What to Do in the Meantime . . .

I keep hoping that at some point I'll be able to share the progress we've made our home since moving in. I may have jinxed myself in thinking that as we are STILL waiting for the flooring installation to get started on the main floor. And our carpet made it all the way from the upstairs floor to the top of the stairs but didn't quite make it down the stairs. So currently we're carefully wearing shoes so we don't step on the exposed carpet tacks on the stairs. I keep telling myself that all this will pass, and soon we'll be cooking in our currently non-existent kitchen, sleeping in our very own bedroom, and sitting on our still-in-storage couch. But in the meantime it's been very challenging to wander around not really knowing what I can and cannot start to unpack.

So thankfully I have my job to keep me occupied and busy during the days. The kidlings are at school. And the hubster is busy working in his new downstairs office "of glory" (as he puts it). But sometimes after a long day of little progress on the homefront, I need an escape of some kind. I was really happy to hear about this event at the Draper, Utah Ikea this weekend. What a fun opportunity to take the family to a place I already love to frequent! Plus who doesn't have an Ikea wishlist a mile long? I'm not sure I'm brave enough to bid on things (I am a little shy), but I'd love to try.

If you're in the area, consider attending this super cool event which is happening this weekend. Hopefully I can convince the husband this is exactly the kind of escape this stressed-out wife needs. (Think he'll go for it?)


  1. Hmmmm I may have to make my way down there, I too have a list :)

  2. Gasp! I have never been to Ikea! We don't have one close enough!!! Have fun and good luck with the house mess! It will be worth the wait!


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