Five Things You Need To Do Before 2Peas Closes Its Doors

Two Peas in a Bucket is set to close in just a few more days (insert the saddest face ever). Here's a "to do" list of items you'll want to take care of before it does.

1. Connect with Your Pea Friends. You can still send Peamail using the 2Peas message system. Take the time to reach out to your Pea friends and find out where they're reconnecting. Whether it's on Facebook, a new forum, or privately, you won't want to lose your special relationships you've made at 2Peas. I think that's one of the things I will miss most at 2Peas is the support system.

2. Download and Save Your Gallery. I have uploaded over 748 projects to my 2Peas gallery. That's a lot of work that I will lose if I haven't saved it elsewhere. Take the time to move, save, and reupload projects you love to a place that works for you. Definitely save it for yourself. If 2Peas has taught me anything, is that sometimes places we love go away. Self-host your work or save it on your hard drive at least. That way you'll ALWAYS have access to your projects.

3. Watch Your Workshop Videos and Download PDFs. The Garden Girls are still waiting to hear what will happen on all of our workshop content. Two Peas owns the rights to them so while I'd love to give you full access to my workshops, at this point I can't. So schedule some time this week to save or print the classroom PDFs. Watch as many of the classroom videos as possible. Now is the time to get your money's worth on paid-for workshops.

4. Shop, Shop, Shop! I've noticed many items are gone in the 2Peas store, but there are still a few more items left to shop at really discounted prices. If you love the 2Peas exclusive items, check out the new 2Peas Etsy shop HERE.

5. Screenshot Your Favorite Elements of 2Peas. I love looking at my badges. I want to remember the Garden Girl gallery. I want to remember the look of my profile. I've taken the time to screenshot several pages on 2Peas so that I can always remember my experience there. Take note of how many message board posts you had, how many layouts you uploaded, and more. This would be a great subject to scrapbook about so I want to remember everything I can.

Remember you have just a few days to finish up any business with 2Peas. I'm going to miss my "home away from home" so much. I can't even imagine this industry without my beloved Two Peas In a Bucket.


  1. Thank you for the list :) Just a sidenote. you can transfer your gallery to they have made it uber easy :)

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Jen. I'm re-watching some older classes now like your Stretch Your Sketch! Gonna miss all of the wonderful videos and inspiration. I'm also double checking to make sure I've got what I want and need from the site today. :(

  3. Hi, indeed it is really sad. I went regularly peas in a bucket gallery to see what the American scrappers realize. And I could go on their blog ... You could hear scrappers around the world ... yes, it's a shame. The same thing happened to the French community site. I wish you good luck to collect all. Friendship Belgium.
    Google translation.

  4. I have moved all my LO's to, just for the easy factor. 2peas was my scrappy home. I logged on there everyday for over the last 10 years. I have so many friends I "met" there. I miss my daily scrappy fix. I found a new forum, that has many peas on it, but it is not the same. Fun, but not the same.
    I can only watch so many videos, my old lap top I have right now, can only download so many. :(
    But I do have all my pdf' s saved, double checking tonight. Glad I saved and printed my Tool School pdf' s and made a cute little book for handy reference. Plus another use for my Bind-it-all.
    I just need to bookmark all the garden girls. I don't want to lose that fabulous resource!!

    1. Forgot to add I will be making a LO, lots of screen shots already captured :)

  5. Great post!!!! I've been working my way through the ENTIRE Designer Gallery. I'm saving all my faves to my computer. I've already transferred my entire gallery to in one fell swoop. That was lovely. I look at the date every day and think, 'Two more days." :(

  6. thanks for reminding us.

  7. Thanks for the tips, Jen. I'm still so sad that the site will be shutting down tomorrow. :( I too imported my gallery to It was really easy. I'm hoping some of the GG will do the same. Will you be sharing your gallery elsewhere, on Pinterest or on your site? I'm hoping I don't have to save all 700+ of your projects. lol!

    Thanks for the many years of inspiration. I LOVE your work!!

    Anne (sassiescrapper)

  8. I thought I had posted on this before but I had been having some trouble posting from my iPad so thanks again for these reminders! I hadn't posted many projects there myself so I mainly had focused on saving the things that other people made that inspired me. I think half of what I saved were your projects!


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