Diary of a Memory Keeper #7: To Crop or Not To Crop

In this week's scrapbooking vlog video, I'm discussing how I feel about attending crops. Are you someone that prefers to be in the company of other scrapbookers when documenting your memories? Or do you prefer to work alone at home? Or do you like it both ways?

You can watch my preferences in this video, which you can watch HERE on my Youtube channel or below:

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject in the comments section below. Do you have events that you attend that you'd recommend to others? How about sharing a link below.


  1. I'm exactly the same way! I get easily distracted by other people and music, so I like to scrap alone. Pictures are my company! I never went to any crops, so I don't know if I would be able to do anything with other people sitting next to me and looking at what I do, but I do like to get together with other scrapbooking friends and share our finished projects!

  2. I agree with everything you said in this video! I love the atmosphere and the energy at crops! There is just something so special about a group of people meeting together and sharing their love for the papercrafting hobby!!! BUT...on the other side, I rarely get ANYTHING accomplished! I tend to chat, eat, shop, and socialize rather than focusing on my projects.
    When you were speaking of your craft room it hit home with me! My craft room is full of products that I am dying to use, I know exactly where everything is, and it is a place where I can get a lot accomplished! I think I'll always enjoy both (crops and scrapping alone). They both have special qualities for this hobby I love!!!

  3. Prefer to scrap at home with friends but none if them scrap anymore. My cousin comes for a week every year to scrap and we have a great time!

  4. Anonymous8:08 AM

    I prefer to scrap at home by myself but I always have a movie playing in the background. However I do like to go to crops and listen more than socialize. I enjoy all the conversations going on around me while I am in my own little world scrapping away. I do miss my local scrapbook store because I enjoyed going to crops and classes, making friends, and enjoying all the conversations.

  5. There use to be a group at work that scrapped. We use to get together at my house. I usually didn't get much done but I did enjoy the company. Now I have no one to scrap with. When I find the time I scrap on my own. Listen to podcast and u tube for white noise background. I guess I could go to a crop but I am not sure what to take.

  6. I cannot scrap a a crop unless I have literally pre-planned all the pages. That means cutting everything out, taking a photo with my iPhone and then all I do at the crop is stick the stuff down. I might as well just make it at home!! I usually just make cards when I go to crops.

    I do like music in the background. It inspires me to be creative. My mind is not so focused on "getting it right" but on the music so my creativity flows better.

  7. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Hi Jen...I make too many changes to my pages & therefore taking products to crops is overwhelming for me. At crops, the layouts I do while away, don't turn out quite the way I envisioned (not that they ever do--but at home, I can work things out better than while at a crop! However, I do enjoy seeing friends & looking at their layouts. Anna :)


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