Chatting on Paperclipping Roundtable About 2Peas and More

I had the lovely opportunity to chat with Noell and Izzy Hyman on the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast again this week. We discussed some recent changes in our industry, including the purchase of We R' Memory Keepers by American Crafts and the pending closure of Two Peas In a Bucket. Nancy Nally owner of was also on to share her insider knowledge of industry changes and movement.

You can listen in HERE to the actual podcast.

In some ways it was a difficult topic to discuss because of course, I'm terribly sad at Two Peas closing. If you've read any of my past posts, then you know how much Two Peas has become a "home" for me. As a contract employee for Two Peas, I am in no way privy to any business decisions or workings behind the scenes, and while I have been in the industry long enough to recognize changes; I was not in the "know" about Two Peas closing until the morning they made the announcement. That timing doesn't make me sad, or shocked, or disappointed. In my position as a Garden Girl, it is exactly what I would expect: to be notified when appropriate and after all other on-site employees have been notified. As a Garden Girl my job was simply to provide content for the site.

So my discussion focused on how Two Peas has influenced my career in the industry and what I think is next.

Two Peas provided so many resources for our crafting community. It jump started the careers of many industry giants. It was a place to find the latest and greatest trends both in the Garden Girl's work; as well as, the community Peas' contributions. You could always count on Two Peas to have the latest and greatest products. Kristina had a real knack for creating a "boutique" experience at Two Peas, and you felt as if anything were to happen in the industry you would hear about it on Two Peas.

With the pending closure of Two Peas, there are many uncertainties. Where will we go to discuss this hobby? With multiple forums filled with thousands of participants, the Two Peas Forum was in many ways (as Noell pointed out) the hub of information in the industry.

We are all looking to see where the Peas will land, and I suspect there will be a migration to many different sites. There are several really great companies currently hosting forums including Paper clipping Roundtable, which you can check out HERE.

With the gallery no longer open, the question remains of where to host and share our recent projects. At this time, all items I created specifically for Two Peas remain the property of Two Peas. As decisions are made by Two Peas about ownership of the items I created, I will update you here on my blog (and through social media). But there are still many options for companies who have galleries as well. Studio Calico,, a Cherry on Top are just a few options. I think it's important that we still find ways to encourage and inspire one another. Find a place that is a good fit for you and continue sharing your designs.

And finally the question of where to shop. One of the key things you can do to support a company is to shop their products. The amazing free content provided by Two Peas was in large part supported by purchases made at Two Peas. Don't forget to shop Two Peas until the closure. They're having some great sales on their remaining inventory. You can find the store HERE. They've also opened an Etsy store for their exclusive items. You can shop for those HERE. There are also several amazing options for shopping such as Simon Says Stamp, Studio Calico,, a Cherry On Top, and the long list of fabulous kit clubs currently on the market. I've shopped several of these and would recommend several. I'll be sharing links to these stores in upcoming projects so you can continue to shop and find items I use in my videos and in projects here on the blog.

This podcast was an interesting discussion, and I agree with Nancy. We can ALWAYS be creative. But I also think we can do more to support the companies that we love and frequent. I appreciate Noell and Izzy letting me share my thoughts once again. It's always such a pleasure to pick each others' brains on things. I think about our discussions for days after, and I love the "think tank" they've created with their show and website. Definitely check them out HERE.

Listen to the podcast HERE!


  1. About to start the podcast!
    I do agree that we need to support the companies, I did support 2peas the best I could, since I loved all of the classes that I took and that I still benefit from the knowledge. I'm still looking for where to shop, and find inspiration from. I am happy that I found the, where many peas have gone.

  2. Eu quero dizer que estou muito triste, perdi meu referencial, no Brasil temos poucas informações, e TWO PEAS dava esta informações não só dos EUA mas o mundo estava ai....Eu sou sua fã e você sabe disto, acompanhei e fiz muitos trabalhos, eu gostaria que você encontrasse um modo de estar com a gente. Eu gostaria de ajudar, mas não sei como....estou a dsiposição para qualquer coisa que esteja no meu alcance, desta vez esta tudo na minha língua, por que você sabe que meu Inglês não é um dos melhores.Aqui vai meu grande abraço, e pedindo a DEUS que seu talento não se perca neste momento, mas que ele seja renovado.Beijos

  3. Will be listening to the podcast tonight while I putter in my scrap room.


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