Tales of a Tract Home: Saying Good-bye

After seven years of living in our sweet, little home we are leaving. It's been a whirlwind month. We put the house up for sale in mid-May and received a contract just 10 days later. So grateful for the quick sale, we were absolutely thrilled. Our sweet, new buyers wanted to occupy the home by mid-June so we've moved out pending the closing on our home.

I just needed a moment to say good-bye to this sweet home. In this home:

- We healed over the loss of Joey
- We made the most amazing friends in our neighbors and ward (church congregation) members.
- We put in a yard, patio, landscaping, and enjoyed it for a brief two years.
- We started James in Kindergarten and finished him through fifth grade.
- We started Kate in fifth grade and finished her through her junior year of high school.
- We decorated, prepped, and fixed up the interior of our home.
- We held family Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.
- We played games, learned to ride bikes, laughed, cried, and shared many memories.

To James this is his only home as he doesn't remember Savannah or living with my Mom for a year.

To Kate this was a homebase, a place to grow and blossom and miss her big brother.

To Brett this became his office, and a safe haven from the pain of losing Joey.

For me, this was very much a dream home: a cottage, a place to raise my two children, a place to remember and heal.

I am a little heart broken to leave, but we know it's time to move forward. After losing Joey we became a little stagnant not daring to take a step forward. Now we are ready to embrace life a little more.

I am going to miss this house dearly. I am going to cry a little (ok, maybe a lot). I am going to think often about all the memories we made here. I am going to wish sometimes that we hadn't left.

I have loved this house--this home. And a part of my heart will always be here.

Here's to new adventures and finding a place that gives us that sense of belonging and home that we discovered and encouraged here.

Good-bye little house.


  1. Beautiful... tears over here...

  2. Very heart felt, I can relate as we too embrace change. Miss you Jen you are an inspiration to me.

  3. Such a sweet post. Best wishes to you as you move forward.

  4. Blessings and best wishes as you and your family move out. . .move on. . .and move forward. Wherever you are will always be home. God bless you.

  5. Beautiful, Jen. Good luck : )

  6. For me it's always been bittersweet leaving a home. I have sold two homes that we were with through the building process and it took me awhile to stop missing both of them (particularly our last one where we lived for 10 years), but eventually you fall in love with your new one and those sad feelings are nearly gone. Hope you have a blast searching for your next place to call home. :)

  7. Having lost a child myself (she was 18) I can relate -- I stayed in the home for several years after she was gone but moved on ...not only from the house but also from that marriage (not her father who had died 12 years before) 14 years later. Yes the tears will certainly come - but they will get less and new memories will be created for your family....but I know - you'll NEVER forget that house or its memories and that's ok. Wishing you much joy and peace in your new journey. Lynn

  8. My God bless you as you leave this home and enter a new phase of your lives.

  9. Best wishes as you and family begin new adventure.

  10. Thanks for sharing Jen. Best wishes as you move.

  11. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Beautiful Jen. I've followed you for so many years now, I remember when you moved into your little house. The best of luck and I hope you make a lot of happy memories in your new house. Hugs.

  12. Awww Jen! You always make me cry (that's a sign of a good writer). Best of luck as you move forward, I anxiously await a post about what your family is doing next.

  13. well said, good luck with the move and many, many blessings!!!

  14. Dear Friend, I can call you that? I must apologize, but my English is terrible and did not know why Maybe the loss of his son, I'm sorry. I mean GOD has wonders for you and your famíçia, that our God is GOOD, you will be happy in the new house, I believe it. Kisses and Hugs

  15. Good luck on your new adventure! I am sure you will quickly be making wonderful memories in your new home. Not that I have any experience there, I have been in the same house for the last 32+ years!

  16. Hi, Jen, its always difficult to say goodbye to a part of our life and to continue walking straight on our new comings. The unknown is feared but soon I am sure you will find a good solid path underneath your feet. New house, a new beginning to all of you. Thas life working its way. Belive it and it will happen. Good luck with your moving and the new house. Wish you all the happiness in this new chapter of your life, one you begin to write.

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  18. Here's to making new memories, *clink*.


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