Tales of a Tract Home: The Gallacher Home Tour

I thought you might be interested in seeing what our home looked like when we sold it. I have mentioned this before, but it was really hard fixing up my home and making it even more beautiful only to hand it over to someone else.

My husband and I have promised each other not to do that ever again. Meaning we will fix up the house and enjoy it ourselves before we ever sell it. Isn't it funny how we talk ourselves out of things we think we can't do, then we end up doing them anyway later for someone else to enjoy? I certainly don't want to do that again!

Let's start with a "before" photo of our home when we bought it:

If you follow this "Tales of a Tract Home" series, you might have read through some of the improvements we had already made. If you missed some of those blog posts, here's one to read HERE or HERE. But you can also use the search button in the right side bar to look for more entries. Just search by "Tales of a Tract Home" to locate all the entries for this series.

I have a passion for home design and landscaping. My dad is an interior planner, and I've gone on several field trips with him to see homes and businesses he's designed and updated. I remember fondly going through carpet books, tile binders; as well as, the smell of his architectural drawing markers as he worked on a new project. I suppose you could say that I was destined to care about the same things that he does. My kids tease me all the time about my HGTV addiction, but I love houses and the look of houses; and I can't ever get enough of making our house into a home.

As we prepped and staged our home to sell, it was a true labor of love; and I discovered that I love the process of decorating even more than I love the final result (have you ever suffered from post-remodeling blues?). Here's a peek into the photos we shared on our MLS listing when we sold the house:


When I look at these photos, I see lots of memories. I also see all the work we put into updating the place. I also see all the things I wish we could have changed and then enjoyed. But every lesson I learned living here, I've tucked away to be used in our next place. It's kind of an exciting thought to think about doing this all over again in a new place with it's own challenges and potential.

Currently we're living in a temporary month-to-month rental until we find a builder or an existing home that we love. Sometimes when the situation becomes stressful I have to remember that it will all work out in the end, and one day I'll be in a new home that I'm fixing up and loving and all this stress will be a distant memory.

I'm really looking forward to that day!


  1. A beautiful home! I know how hard it is to leave it. We just sold a home we were renting as we couldn't part with it when we moved to our new home. We were finally ready and, like you, did some things I wish we would have done for ourselves when we lived there. We are to close on it today, and I have said my proper goodbyes and thanked that house for taking such good care of me and our family. A house contains all the memories and dreams and challenges we experience there. It is an emotional connection. Take good care of yourself as you grieve the move and look forward to the new adventure! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your home.

  2. Great advice! You certainly made your home look wonderful! It's good to know that we should just jump in and get those home improvement projects going before we start seriously thinking about selling. Thanks for sharing your story! I hope you're able to find your new home so you can start enjoying the process of living there and making it your own.

  3. Your home is beautiful and you decorated it superbly! Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  4. Your home is beautiful and "showed" beautifully! I remember the HGTV show about selling your house and the owners who just could not see what their home needed for it to sell.
    You left beautiful home for the new, owners to enjoy. I hope your new dream home comes to you soon. To start making many new memories.

  5. What a beautiful job! And I know exactly what you mean -- when we sold our smaller home 5 years ago, we did so much work on it to sell it -- and wished we had done it before so we could enjoy it!! We have been in our new home for five years, and now we realize it is time to "stage" our home for our own enjoyment -- so we can fall in love with it again!

  6. Your home new home will also look fantastic - i hope you will share it with us.
    Greetings from Germany
    Yours Stephanie


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