Today is My Live Call with Lain Ehmann and CreativeLive!

Have you been watching the "Scrapbook Your Story" CreativeLive scrapbooking session with Lain Ehmann? It's completely FREE and has been FULL of information. Lain's approach to scrapbooking is story-based, which is right up my alley.

Today I'll call in for a short chat with Lain so be sure to join HERE now so you can listen in to the call; as well as, learn more from Lain.

So far, I've learned that you can actually record your story via your computer and then have it typed out for you making storytelling much easier. I've learned the different between good storytelling versus missing the story. I've also learned some photography tips from a special guest teacher during the session. And that was just a few things in this day-long session. I was taking mental notes the entire day!

This interactive workshop includes a live chat room; as well as, in-studio guests. It's quite an amazing experience! I hope you'll consider joining.

Click HERE to sign up now!


  1. great class. i must have missed your call though :( bummer.

  2. I was able to see your segment. It was great. I text my friend Cheri who lost her daughter Kaitlyn around the same time, so she could watch it. You are an inspiration girl.

    1. Danni, you are always so sweet! Thank you.

  3. Thank you for joining us, Jen. I know your story resonated with so many people. Love you!

  4. JLBOhio4:42 PM

    I caught about half of the class but missed this! I was so hoping that I could catch it.


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