How Many Scrapbooking Layouts Have You Created?

To celebrate National Scrapbook Day, Big Picture Classes asked the 10k team to share how many scrapbook layouts they've created. To be honest, I have no idea. We're in the process of packing up our house to sell; and some of my albums are now in boxes in our storage unit. So let's do some rough math here. I have around 50 albums. If each album holds 50 pages, then I have about 2,500 layouts.

2,500 layouts!

Whoa, right?!!

Why in the world would I need 2,500 layouts? Because of moments like these:

(My very first layout uploaded to 2Peas and published in Creating Keepsakes magazine.)

How many layouts do you think you've created over the years? How do you store them? How do you share them with those you created them with and for?


  1. I've made 16 small albums (8x8 ot 6x8 mostly), they hold my pages or are travel albums. That's quite a lot for me. I'm turning it into a photo diary now, rather than making pretty pages.
    But big albums or not it's a great way to keep memories.
    (2500! can't imagine it)

  2. Oh gosh!! hmmm... I have almost 500 on that I made since 2009. That doesn't count the recent ones that I have not loaded there (they're at 2peas though). Then there are the albums I have made from when I first started scrapbooking in 2001 through to 2009. I have made albums for my mother, my husband's mother, my father in law, friends. Well over a thousand, I would say. They are stored in my entertainment center in my living room. Most of my LO's are in albums. I do have a few Iris boxes from Michael's with completed LO's that I don't have books for. Honestly, my oldest is the only one that has ever really pulled books out and looked at them. She took her baby album and didn't tell me and didn't bring it back. Lets just say, I was NOT happy. She was made to return it with a good butt chewing. Taking without permission is not acceptable in our house. The kids know they can't have them to keep until I am gone.

  3. Wow! What an accomplishment and a fun trip down memory lane! I think I'm somewhere between 1000 to 1500 pages, but not actual layouts since I did double pages for so many of those early years. I used to do We R Memory Keeper postbound albums, but I've been buying their binders for the last several years since single pages don't really need to be close together and it's so much easier for squeezing in projects later. I only wish they held more. I love their heavy duty, oversized page protectors for all their albums though. ;)

  4. WOW!!!! Loved this post! Your layout look amazing! Well, for me, I've destroyed my first two albums. And now I have about 10 albums with different amounts of pages from 10 to 40. But you made me want to go and count them now!

  5. I liked that era we had in srapbooking when we used 8.5x11 photos, kind of miss it....I have about 20 albums stuffed w/pages, I'd guess about 30 idea how many mini albums ;) fun post!

  6. Wow that's a lot of pages! I'm guessing mine is around 1000, if you include ones I've made for other people too. Most are in albums but some are in boxes waiting for a home! I love looking back on them but not many other people look through them... I'm okay with that, and I think my kids will be more interested when they are older. x


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