Three Reasons I Love Teaching Scrapbooking Classes

I love teaching scrapbooking classes. Who knew that when I was playing school in my front yard with my younger siblings, that I would grow up and have the opportunity to travel and teach something I've come to love and believe in deeply? It's an amazing way to share what I love with people who "get it."

Here are just three reasons why I love teaching scrapbooking workshops and classes:

1. It's all about preserving memories.

I started scrapbooking when my oldest was just a few years old. Through the years I've documented my children's growth, special events, and my love for each one of them. If I can help someone else discover the joy of preserving their own memories, then I feel blessed because I've learned through some rather difficult life lessons that memories fade more quickly than you could ever image. And there are just certain things you don't want to ever forget.

2. Making art makes people happy.

Since the early years of cutting and pasting in Kindergarten, we've come to appreciate the art of making things. Whether it's through sewing, or cooking, or home decorating, or paper crafting, there's something very rewarding about the creative process. I love the look on people's faces when they complete a project in a class I'm teaching. I love it when they put their own special spin on something making it entirely their own. And I love the way they express their personality and viewpoint through paper and photos.

3. What a perfect opportunity to make a connection!

Sometimes when we go someplace new, we feel shy and that we might not belong. With a scrapbooking class, you discover that you have something in common with every single person in attendance just because you chose to learn something new and creative. And even though you might come from different economic backgrounds, or live in entirely different worlds, or have completely different points of view, you will make friends. I've met so many women who come together for monthly crops, or travel hundreds of miles for a getaway together, or who just chat online with others who share their passion. Scrapbooking is a fabulous connector of people.

Where to find scrapbooking classes:

If you're looking for an opportunity to take a scrapbook class, look for community events in your area offered by craft stores. Or organize your own scrapbooking group where you each share your expertise, knowledge, and creativity as one group. You can also look online for several self-paced and special event classes. If you like learning on your own, this is a great opportunity to do so.

Here are just a few classes that I have available if you're looking for an online learning course:

Class information is located HERE!

Class information is located HERE!

You can find additional workshops and classes that I teach from my drop-down menus above.

I also travel from time-to-time to events, and try to keep you updated on what events at which I will be teaching. In March you can take an Echo Park Paper class in Salt Lake City, which is sponsored by Heartfelt Hobby and Craft. You can find more details HERE.

To contact me about a teaching opportunity in your area, you can reach me at Details and fees will be provided upon request.

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