Tales of a Tract Home: Planning the Perfect Master Bedroom

I'm a dreamer. I like the entire process of thinking about a project almost more than I like the actual execution of a project. Once we completed our Living Room, I had post-project depression and just couldn't figure out why I wasn't more satisfied and content with our beautiful new space. Then it dawned on me! I like the process. In fact, it's the part I most enjoy.

I've been considering where to spend my money and time next in our little tract home. And while the area that drives me the most crazy right now is our family room, kitchen, dining room area, the project is so large it's completely overwhelming me. So I needed to tackle something a little more my pace (and budget) right now.

So I turned to the Master Bedroom. Here's a tiny peek at the colors in our bedroom before:

You can see that it was living in the "Land of Tan" and needed some major refreshing. And of course I'm happy to oblige my inner designer spirit so I set about curating a rather fun set of ideas that would make my room special. When I began my living room last year, I realized that I would define my personal style as Cottage Luxe: a mix of coastal cottage with an upscale touch. I like the way I was able to mix some traditional pieces with some more casual pieces in my living room, and I knew that I wanted to slowly transition my entire house to this style.

As I began thinking about my room, I knew that I typically prefer to start with a good neutral and add in color. But this time, I started with my accent color: Navy. I'm seeing it everywhere and it's simply making me very happy. 15 years ago, I decorated our first home's master bedroom with navy and I loved the way I felt when I was in that room. So starting with that accent color, I began to gather other items that would make the room feel more special.

Sometimes when I'm redecorating some of the items end up going in a different direction than I initially thought I would. For instance, I started with these lovely navy curtains from Target:

Source: Target

But once I had this bedding on my bed, it looked like an off-key note in a symphony of grey:

So I hung these curtains instead, which give it a more airy spa effect:

Source: ShopKo

I also finally traded out my bungalow-style nightstands for this sleeker design from Walmart (notice I'm going the inexpensive, easy on the pocket book approach). I'm thinking of spray painting the knobs gold:

Source: Walmart

A couple of things I've already realized is that I need taller lamps in brassy gold. And then I need to bring in some more gold to match the starburst mirror that I scored for only $35.

Source: Home Depot

I'm thinking a wall of gold frames would look awesome. I am also deciding between a navy rug and a charcoal grey rug. It depends on how bold I want to go.

You can see all my percolating ideas HERE in my "Cottage Luxe Bedroom" Pinterest page. It's constantly updated and changing based on how I feel about the room's current state. If you want to watch this board grow, be sure to "follow" the board. Here's a little peek at some of the items I currently have pinned to this board:

As I continue to work on this room, I'll share photos of the progression and of course, a final room tour. After the living room, I'm feeling more confident in myself and my design decisions. (Now if I could just settle on a paint color all will be well).

Do you enjoy refreshing and decorating your home? What project are you currently tackling or considering tackling? Do you refresh pillows or bedding in your home with the coming of a new season or do you prefer to find your style and stick with it? I'd love to hear what you're doing and what's working and what's not.


  1. I am constantly mentally redecorating my home. I have been in a holding pattern for the past couple of years while we plan/save for a small renovation project that will add a little square footage to the house and replace the roof. I can't wait until it's finished so I can start changing the interior up a bit!

    Love the curtains and other items you've picked so far. :)

    1. Holding patterns are hard because I'm impatient, but I'll bet your remodel will be awesome when it's finished!

  2. great color selection!


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