Behind-the-Scenes of a Craft Room Photo Shoot!

Timing is everything in the creative industry. Trends ebb and flow, products change, improve, and go away. And when it comes to opportunities, timing could not be more important and sometimes not so convenient.

While at the CHA show, I was approached by the amazing editors at one of my favorite publication companies, asking if they could use my craft room for an upcoming photoshoot. Feeling very humbled they would ask to use my space, I of course said, "yes."

As I returned from the show and started the return to reality, I realized that my craft room was in no way ready for any kind of photography. When the Editor offered several dates for the possible photo shoot, I chose the very latest date available with fingers crossed that I could recover my room in time for them to come and visit.

On a late Friday afternoon, I finally reached a point where I could assess my craft room situation. And while internally I wanted to heave a huge sigh of relief at getting to that point, every part of me was screaming, "Your room is a complete disaster area!" which was anything but relaxing.

Saturday morning dawned with the realization that the photographer would be at my door bright and early Monday morning ready to see a clean and magazine-worthy craft room. Sheer panic set in as I stood in the middle of my room and looked at the piles and piles of mess from a month-long CHA craft show panic attack.

While I would like to say that I was particularly productive, I most certainly was not. Instead I formulated a plan (including arranging rental space from my son at $5 a day in order that I could store the excess "mess" in his room until after the shoot), and then I started the process of recovering my space.

On Sunday we finished up my room, after my sweet husband helped me touch up some paint, bring my electronics under control, and move some heavy furniture. You don't realize how hard you are on your space until you scrutinize it. I definitely reached the "freaking out" stage at one point as I realized that some things looked a little more "worn out" than inviting and fresh.

But by Sunday evening, I could once again see my floor and breathe in my space again. After some creative "stashing," I felt more prepared for their arrival.

Monday morning dawned and I was feeling very calm; however, I as I looked around my space with a more critical eye I realized that there were a few items that I could do to tighten up the space. We finished hanging the new urtain rod and curtains about five minutes before they arrived. (Talk about perfect timing--all thanks to my husband.)

I stayed out of the way while they photographed and staged the room as needed for the shoot. Obviously they know more of what they're looking for than I do. I only hope it was as prepared as they needed it to be. Here's a quick video of how the space looked when they arrived (or watch on Youtube HERE):

You can watch the 2013 Scrapbook Space Video tour HERE or below if you'd like to see the room in its entirety:

While I can't yet reveal why they needed to use my space for photography, I will soon! More details about this photo shoot will be coming later this year so keep an eye out here on my blog for all the exciting news! It's been an exciting year, and I'm thrilled that you get to be a part of it.


  1. Just reading that made me feel anxious and excited for you!!

  2. You place looks nice. And organized)

  3. LOL about paying your son to store some of your overstock, lol.
    I could not get my room in order in one weekend
    Off you watch your videos


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