Watch Two Peas for a BIG Announcement!

Keep an eye out on the Two Peas blog HERE today for a BIG announcement, which is just a part of what I've been keeping secret.

Meanwhile, I'm super excited to share that I WILL be returning as a Garden Girl this year. I feel humbled and very blessed to be a part of this amazing group of talented ladies.


Introducing my NEW weekly video series from 2Peas! Watch for it on Fridays. I've already filmed the first two videos, and we're going to make some fun things together and concentrate on making our memories more meaningful both through scrapbooking and some special extra projects!


  1. yah! so excited for ya. Does that mean less videos here? hope not

    1. I have a plan for videos here. I will reveal that after I get back from the Tradeshow. :) Thanks for asking!

  2. Yay, so glad you are staying w/TwoPeas! I can't wait to see your new series.

  3. JLBOhio3:31 PM

    Hurray!!! So excited that you are still with Two Peas and for the new class...and whatever else you are planning!!!

  4. So excited for this new endeavour! Love your teaching and work

  5. Christina H.5:55 PM

    So glad you are still with Two Peas! Very excited for all your upcoming videos!

  6. I squealed with delight when I read the announcement! Love your work and videos!


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